An timeline about important events in my life

Timeline created by andrisa
  • I was born

  • My 1st year in life !!!

    its was my fierst birthday and i was 1 year old
  • the celebration...

    the celebration...
    my parents celebrate my birthday with all my family and friends.
  • my first trip!!

    my first trip!!
    we went to an aquatic park and i got sick because i swam in the pool. :(
  • my bike

    my bike
    my grandparents gave to me my first bicycle..
    thank you!!!1
  • my brother

    my brother
    my little brother, David Isai, was born.
    I was so happy because i had a brother.
    Love u..
  • Graduation

    I graduate from kindergarden..
  • my trip with my family

    my trip with my family
    when i was 8 years old we went to tikal
    and we all have fun those days.
  • Disneyland

    We went to disneyland by first time. We took pictures with all the characters of Disney, even do with Mickey Mouse!. It was a trip that i will never forget.
  • Universal studios

    Universal studios
    we went to universal studios and went to a lot of attractions.
  • Seaworld

    we went to Seaworld and we saw dolphins, whales and other animals.
    All of them were beautiful.
  • my other brother

    my other brother
    my other little brother , Jose Antonio, was born.
    All my family was happy about him.