Years of Crisis- Sheridan Peet

Timeline created by sheridanpeet
  • Treaty of Versailles Signed

  • Vladimir Lenin Dies and Joseph Stalin Takes Over Russia

    Vladimir Lenin Dies and Joseph Stalin Takes Over Russia
    After Vladimir Lenin died, Joseph Stalin became leader of Russia. In his rule he made some risky decisions that negatively affected his country and looked to make himself appear to be a great leader. Stalin led Russia during World War 2 and became key to taking down Russia in the war. Even though Stalin was not the greatest leader at times, he did lead a country that helped take down Germany.
  • Mussolini Becomes Dictator of Italy

    Mussolini Becomes Dictator of Italy
    Mussolini came to power in Italy after the First World War and became an important figure in the Second World War. During the time of World War 2 he was in power in Italy and decided to side with Hitler in order to gain more power for himself. By siding with Hitler, Mussolini decided the fate of Italy and which side they would fight for in the war.
  • The Great Depression Begins

    The Great Depression Begins
    The Great Depression was a slump in the US economy in which many people lost the money in their savings account along with it their job. This economic depression had a worldwide effect that eventually caused most countries to impose high tariffs worsening the economy further. After World War 1 it seemed the entire world was struggling, but the US appeared to be doing surprisingly well comparatively. Unfortunately this all changed when the stock market crashed and the country faced a depression.
  • Japan invades Manchuria

  • Hitler is Named Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler is Named Chancellor of Germany
    Hitler quickly became an influential person in Germany and worked his way up to the title of Chancellor. At first Hindenburg, Germany’s president, was reluctant to allow Hitler to be Chancellor, but Chancellor Franz von Papen convinced him to do it. This event was a major event and shaped history, with Hitler’s new power the Nazi party grew and soon was too powerful for even Hindenburg or von Papen to stop what was happening.
  • Roosevelt Creates New Deal Policy

  • US Passes First Neutrality Act

    US Passes First Neutrality Act
    The US passed the Neutrality Acts before World War 2 in order to stop their involvement in any future wars to come. After World War 1 the US decided it would be wise to stay out of wars due to the disaster that the First World War had caused. Tension was building up in other countries and the United States didn’t want to be included. This stopped the US from fighting in the beginning of the war, but eventually the US were pulled in and did fight.
  • Italy Invades Ethiopia

  • Spain's Civil War Begins

    Spain's Civil War Begins
    A civil war broke out in Spain between the Nationalists and Republicans. It was feared that the current government would soon turn into a Marxist Revolution, so military leader Franco sided with the nationalists. The Nationalists soon began to fight to have a fascist rule and with the help of Germany and Italy, they were successfully overthrowing the government. The republican rule fell and Franco became dictator of Spain and remained in that position for the duration of World War 2.
  • Japan and China are at war

  • German Invasion of Poland