Zebulon B. Vance - Historical Perspective

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  • Life on the Farm

    Life on the Farm
    Zebulon's grandfather bought their land in 1795. The family land is located in Reem's Creek, NC, approximately twelve miles from present-day Asheville, NC.
  • Birth of Zebulon Vance

    Birth of Zebulon Vance
    Zebulon Baird Vance was born to David Vance and Mira Baird Vance. Zebulon's grandfather, an early Scotch-Irish immigrant, arrived in the Piedmont region of North Carolina during the mid-eighteenth century.
  • Education

    After an education spent in one-room-schoolhouses, at the age of twelve, Zebulon attended Washington College in Tennessee. His father died shortly after and Zebulon returned home where he attended Newton Academy of Asheville. Zebulon then went on to spend several years working, including time at Hot Springs, where he came into contact with many prominent businessmen.
  • Higher Education

    Higher Education
    In the fall of 1851, and with the financial support of the university's president, enrolled at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He studied law for one year and then returned to Asheville to practice.
  • Marriage

    After establishing his law practice, Zebulon married Miss Harriet Espy of Salisbury, NC. They had five sons.
  • Early Political Career

    Early Political Career
    Zebulon ran for the office of Representative from Buncombe County in the Lower House of the General Assembly. To the objection of his age, Vance replied that he would cheerfully have been born at an earlier date had it been within his power - that he had no choice in the matter and humbly begged pardon promised to do better the next time. Vance had a prolific politcal career during which he opposed the secession of states from the Union.
  • Military Service

    Military Service
    One month after his decision to serve in the Civil War, Vance was elected colonel of the 26th Regiment of North Carolina, also known as the Rough and Ready Guards. He led many successful campaigns, including the Battle of New Bern.
  • Governorship

    NC Pedia - Governon VanceVance was elected governonr of North Carolina by a landslide. He served as governor from 1862 - 1865 and from 1877 - 1879. "In 1879, with two years remaining in his term, Vance left the governor's office for a seat in the United States Senate where he acted as a mediator attempting to heal the sectional wounds caused by the war." (NC Pedia)
  • Death

    In September of 1893 Vance was began to suffer from declining health. On April 14, 1894, Zebulon B. Vance died in Washington. He was buried at Riverside Cemetary in Asheville, North Carolina.