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  • atomic bomb is developed under manhattan prroject

  • The big three meet up

    The big three meet up
    roosevelt,churchill travel to Teheran in Iran to have a face to face meeting churchill voices reservations about a cross channel invasion when the meeting was over FDR sides with stalin,churchill reluctantly agrees afterwards a joint statement is released by the big three about the war with germany.
  • liberation of france and atempted overthrow of hitler

    liberation of france and atempted overthrow of hitler
    allied forces liberate paris german forces are ordered to destroy the french capital but disobey german generals plan overthrowing of hitler a explosive device is planted at the HQ of hitler the plan fails the explosion wounds and or kill 20 people but hitler survives assassination orchestrator takes poison to avoid trial.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Hitler orders a counter strike against allied forces. allied troops are strung between English channel and Alps hitler plan uses English speaking germans in United States uniforms to cut telephone lines and spread confusion the plan almost succeeds germans catch american forces by surprise and capture several key towns but on December 23rd aircraft are able to attack german positions the battle of the bulge was to try and wedge between American and british forces.
  • D-Day

    allied forces hit germany in force more than 11,000 start the assault in an attempt to destroy german communication and transportation troops come to land four of the beaches are lightly opposed omaha beach offers stiff opposition beach is lined with pillboxs and german trenches omaha is heavily defended with mines and other defences.
  • soviets reach oder river outside of berlin

  • mussolini fails to exscape to switzerland and is captured then executed

  • the fall of germany and nazi regeime

    U.S army reaches the Elbe river meanwhile hitler is falling apart with tremors and paranoia he gives orders that no one planned or followed campaigns and that no one would ever fight on the 30th of april hitler and somes of his closest associates commit suicide
  • pacific island hopping campaign

    American forces fight to retake lost islands one of the harder islands that was liberated was iwo jima during the 36 day battle more than 23000 marines became casualties but the island was able to be recaptured
  • b-29s bomb japan

    with japan virtually defenseless in a single night 16 square miles of Tokyo are destroyed this raid killed 83000 Japanese and injured 100000 more
  • truman orders the droping of atomic weponry in japan

  • atomic bombs are dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki

    after Hiroshima atomic bombing Japanese leaders debate over surrender but then on august 9th Russia declares war on japan and 2nd atomic bomb is dropped on nagasaki
  • germany surrenders

    Germany surrenders in a small French school house that served as a hq for eisenhower
  • atomic weaponry is tested at alamogordo

    the atomic bomb was dropped in the middle of nowhere and the blast can be seen clearly 180 miles away and could be heard 100 miles away
  • japan surenders

    japan officially surrenders aboard the USS Missouri
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