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  • Treaty of Versallies

    Treaty of Versallies
    Treaty of Versallies had taken land away from Germany and given it to other countries.
  • Paul Von Hindenburg

    Paul Von Hindenburg
    Paul Von Hindenburg elected president of the weimar republic. and by 1932 the Nazi party had become the largest party in the reichstag.
  • invading:

    Japan invaded China in 1937. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia March 1939;; Germany invades Poland in 1939.
  • Manchuria gets invaded

    Manchuria gets invaded
    Japan invaded Manchuria
  • Hitler was appointed

    Hitler was appointed
    Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933, and in 1933 the Areichstage bumed down, blamed on communists.
  • Germany

    Germany began to re-arm and many politicians felt that Germany had a right to re-arm in order to protect themselves.
  • Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini
    He wanted to control the land around the Mediterranean sea. He felt betrayed by the allies at the Treaty Of Versallies conference due to a promise of land for joining the allies that was not kept.
  • Czechoslovakia/ Sudetenland

    Czechoslovakia/ Sudetenland
    Hitler demanded that the Sudetenland region of C be returned to Germany. Czechoslovakia was taken away from Germany by the Treaty.
  • The Munich Agreement

    The Munich Agreement
    This agreement sighned all 4 leaders agreed that the sudetenland would be returned to Germany and that no further territorial would be made by germany.
  • WW2

    World war 2 started September 1 1939 and ended september 2 1945.
  • Britian and France

    Britian and France
    Britian and France declared war on germnay.
  • Against the war.

    Against the war.
    Before 1939 public opinion was agaonst war, and people remembered the first war and didnt really want to fight a second war.
  • Invades Poland

    Invades Poland
    Hitler decides to fianly invade poland and started world war 2.
  • Neville Chamberlin

    Neville Chamberlin
    Neville Chamberlin became prime minister of britian. and he believed that the treaty of versallies had treated germany badly and there was a number of issues.
  • Falling to Japan

    Falling to Japan
    By August 1941 Indo- china fell to Japan and the United states begana Full trade embargo against Japan so Japan prepaared for an attack on the united states.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 they also attacked the Philippine islands on the same day.
  • Fighting the russians

    Fighting the russians
    The Nazis were fighting the Russians in Stalingrad from August 1942- February 1943.
  • VE day

    VE day
    Germany Officially Surrendered on May 7 1945.
  • Enola Mission

    Enola Mission
    The enola gay mission was to drop an atomic bomb, the united states ended up dropping 2 bombs.
  • League of nations

    League of nations
    The league of nations was desighned to enforce the Treaty of Versallies.