Would War 1

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  • Battle of Mons

    Battle of Mons
    In their first confrontation on European soil since the battle of waterloo in 1815. The battle of Mons was he last of four " battle of the frontiers that took place over many days on western front between allied and German founce in the opening mountain of the world war 1. The 3 battle was at Lorraine, Ardennes and charleroi
  • Battle of Tannenberg

    Battle of Tannenberg
    182,000 total casualties. Russian soldiers in binder unformed.
    world war 1 December 1914.the Russian advanced into gulicia after defeating the astro-hangaran army in the early months. of the war but were forced to retreat by a combined german and asutro
  • First battle of ypres

    First battle of ypres
    Near the began city of Ypres. on the north coast of Belgium during the first word war. October 19 a protracted period of fierce combat began as the German opened their Flanders offensive and the allies. a region that over the course of the next several years would see some of the wars bitterest and mast brutal struggles.
  • The Christmas truce

    The Christmas truce
    Stared on Christmas eve many German and British troops song Christmas carols. the allied even heard brass bands joined the German in their joyous singing. on Christmas day some Germans soldiers emerged from their trenches. German unarmed they climes out of their trenches and they shook hands. they even played a scorer game and traded stuff.
  • Lusitania

    A German u-boat torpedoed and sank the RMS Lusitania. A British ocean liner en route from new York to Liverpool England. More than 120 Americans died. The united states entered ww1. The sinking of the Lusitania played a significant role in turning public opinion against.
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    1,219,201 total casualties. The battle of Somme July 1-18 November 1916. Battle took place on both sides of Somme river in France. The Somme is remembered as an example of the senseless slaughters of war. the battle was an allied victory but they paid a heavy price of 623,906 casualties including 100 tanks and 782 airfares.
  • Battle of verdun

    Battle of verdun
    976,000 total casualties. This battle was fought between the German and France armies between 21 February 1916. The french managed to recapture most of the Germans lost some 435,000. nearly 40 million artillery shells were exchanged during the battle marinating the area with craters witch are violist to this day.
  • Passchendaele

    This small village five miles north,east of ypres. the third battle of ypers along with the some whitch has come to symbolism the great war of man. the third battle of ypres was preceded by the attack on messiness ridge in June 1917
  • Irving greenwald

    Irving greenwald
    up at 5:30 it snowed and blew gave all night. breakfast was at 6:00 had mash,baked apple, minced ham and eggs, coffee and bread.
    washed handkerchiefs. given lecture by LT. Berry on allotment and insurance blanks and how to fell out blanks allotted $15 to learn and took $10 insurance. then i had a lot of rifle drills
  • lrving greenwald at home

    lrving greenwald at home
    I was at home I had a sour throat. eyes full of mucus. awake at 8 but loaf and talk in bed at 10. split of having promised to go to work at 8. wash and have breakfast with leah with seemed like sweat heart days.
  • Irving greenwald

    Irving greenwald
    up at 6:00 had a bad cold. reveille at 6:15. Double time had to work to keep warm. breakfast liver, potatoes run out, coffee, no milk. had no time to wash or shave. put powder on my face instead inspectorate of quarters then on floors to warm and do double time all the way home. Sam and I ate a box of candy. sam had a very bad cold boys feet was frostbitten.
  • Irving Greenwald

    Irving Greenwald
    alarm clock rings at 8. shave dress and wash in a bathroom. Breakfast after kissing mother in law and father in law and the girls. lunch in a greasy little restaurant on Lexington avenue and 34th. Two sandwiches witch have brought from home and coffe and some cake.
  • Irving Greenwald birthday

    Irving Greenwald birthday
    my birthday I make furnace fire to drive chill out of the house. use art I have learned at camp. shave and wash everyday. everybody wished me a happy birthday and a happy return. help mother in law who is washing in cellar by carying boilers full of wash up and down stairs