World War 1

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  • The British Introduce the Dreadnought

    The British Introduce the Dreadnought
    With the expansion of Germanies army and other European armies, the British wanted to compare with the expanding armies so they built the HMS Dreadnought for naval superiority.
  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    The Triple Entente was an alliance that linked France, Russia, and Britain just after signing of Anglo-Russian Entente on August 31st, 1907.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia are Assassinated

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia are  Assassinated
    Due to slavic nationalism that wanted to establish a unified slavic state the Archduke of Austria was assasinated,
  • Germany sends a blank check to Austria

    Germany sends a blank check to Austria
    Due to the alliance with Austria, Germany decided to send a check so it didnt arouse suspivcioun.
  • Britian enters the war

    Britian enters the war
    Due to the invasion of belguim ports by Germany. Britian decided to suppourt its allies and declare war on Germany.
  • Sinking of Lusitania

    Sinking of Lusitania
    The Lusitania is sunk when a German submarine attacked a English ship and killed many civvilans onboard including American.
  • Zimmerman Telegram

    Zimmerman Telegram
    The Zimmerman telegram was a secret telegram that was sent to Mexico by Germany. The telegrams message was that if Mexico entered the war and attacked America then Germany would give Mexico the land it lost in the Mexican-American war.
  • Germany Resumes Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

    Germany Resumes Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
    This day was when Germany began to do unrestricted submarine warfare. Which meant that if a vessel wherein a war zone, no matter where it was or what it was carrying. The effects of this where that the U.S and ships that carried vital necessities, where not guaranteed safe passage.
  • US Enters the War

    US Enters the War
    On this day Congress voted on declaring war on Germany. The entering of the U.S was vital to the success of the allies because most were on the brink of collapsing.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    This day signified the end of WW1. The signing of the treaty signified an overall cease-fire. The effects of the treaty where that Germany would have to pay major repercussions for the war. This deeply damaged Germany and its economy no longer making it an elite force.
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    When nations like france and outher powers began seking more land for their empire, rivalries began and these rivilaries where one of the reasons for WW1.
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    WW1 impacted the world in many ways including total casualties 37 Million New Countries: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Latvia Finland Hungary.
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    The Dawes and Young Plans

    This plan came into effect when European allies demanded that countries like Germany pay for their damage. But when Germany could repay its war damages a new plan came into place that stated that as Germany's economy grew so would the payment. But Young said that Germanies debt should be mostly forgiven.
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    The Great Depresion

    In the 1920s the U.S 's economy was very stable and many people poured their money into stocks. Then due to speculation many began selling their stocks and caused a crash. This sent America into an economic crisis that would forever change the course of Amerian history.
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    Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

    After Germany suffered an economical fall due to the repercussions of WW1. Hitler rose to power because he got Germany out of their economic slump.