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  • arrive in bergan

    arrive in bergan
    began is known for 7 mountains
  • bergaenhus fortess

    bergaenhus fortess
    A fortress located in Bergen, Norway. The fortress contains buildings dating as far back as the 1240s.
  • gallieriet shopping center

    gallieriet shopping center
    It has more than 70 stores in side.
  • brann stadium

    brann stadium
    new seats and main stand was built in the 1930s.
  • fanthroft stave church

    fanthroft stave church
    In the 19th century the church was threatened by demolition, as were hundreds of other stave churches in Norway.
  • the unicorn fish restaurant then fly to Preston

    the unicorn fish restaurant then fly to Preston
    Billed as Bergen's oldest fish restaurant,
  • Arrive in Preston

    Arrive in Preston
    Preston is a city in Lancashire, northern England.
  • Avenham and miller park

    Avenham  and miller park
    Avenham Park, together with Miller Park, is probably one of the best surviving examples of his work today
  • fishergate shopping center

    fishergate shopping center
    It is the second largest shopping centre in Preston city centre
  • preston north end

    preston north end
    Image result for facts about Preston north end
    Preston North End were founded as a cricket club in 1862. now its a football club\ team
  • Cordon bleu then fly to Moscow

    Cordon bleu then fly to Moscow
    April 4th is National Cordon Bleu Day.
  • Arrive in moscow

  • Red Square

  • freetime shopping center GUM

  • Moscow International House of Music

  • LavkaLavka fly to krakow

  • Arrive in krakow

  • The Cloth Hall

  • Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall

  • Klub concert

  • Zielona Kuchnia Restaurant

  • Zielona Kuchnia Restaurant

  • fly to paris

  • Arrive in paris

  • Eiffel Tower

  • Beaugrenelle shopping center

  • AccorHotels Arena

  • FrenchyTaste and then fly to monoton home