Waking up to Internment

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  • Pearl Harbor Attack

    Pearl Harbor Attack
    Pearl Harbor attack Japanese suprise bomb attack targeting US naval fleets killing over 2,000 Americans.
    The warming breathe of the calm afternoon dove into the side of my face as i woke to my baby brother Kin who had ran into my room to wake me up. As i heard my mother voce yelling Nori Nori I could sense something wrong.
  • Reconmendation of Japanese removal

    Reconmendation of Japanese removal
    Recomindation of japanese removal
    Word has gone around that they want to move us because of our race. my mother has camled me by saying that it is just rumors.
  • Roosevelt signs order 9066

    Roosevelt signs order 9066
    Roosevelt sign order 9066
    Mother had told me that our cousins that lived near the military base had to be evacuated. It was heart wrentching to know that because of them being japanese that had to leave.
  • Removal of 120,000

    Removal of 120,000
    Japanese removal
    My mother grabbed what she could and we had to leave. I had to grab what I could and leave. The US had finally taken us away. we had to leave to Manzanar
  • Japanese buisness and banks sezied

    Japanese buisness and banks sezied
    Japanese memoir
    I could feel the weight of depression occur as they took away our store. The goverment had sezied it due to pearl harbor and now we have have lost everything.All what was put ino the store was now taken away.
  • D-day

    Around the camp we geard news of an attack that had occured. To all the soliders there it was being known as d-day.
  • Korematsu v U.S.

    Korematsu v U.S.
    Mother had told me that a court case with one of our fellow people had lost in the battle wether determinging wether they can judge upon race or not.