Viking Age

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  • Period:

    Late Antiquity

  • Period:

    Middle Ages

  • 700

    Viking age began

  • Period:

    The Viking Age

  • 793

    Vikings raid the monastery on the island of Lindisfarne in Britain.

  • 795

    Dublin, Ireland, is founded by the Vikings

  • 820

    Viking raids begin in France.

    Vikings took advantage of the civil wars within France.
  • 836

    Vikings raid Ireland

    Vikings started by raiding monasteries, before moving inwards.
  • 843

    The king of France makes a treaty with invading Vikings led by Rollo.

  • 860

    Swedish Vikings reach Constantinople (Istanbul) in modern Turkey

  • 873

    Vikings found Reykjavik

  • 874

    Vikings from Norway reach Iceland.

  • 902

    Vikings are expelled from Ireland

  • 917

    Vikings retake Dublin

  • 982

    Erik the Red discovers Greenland

  • 1000

    Leif Ericson, son of Erik the Red, sails from Greenland and explores the coast of North America, landing in several places.

  • 1000

    The Vikings reach North America

  • 1066

    The Vikings are granted a tract of land which later becomes known as Normandy

  • 1066

    Vikings are defeated in England by King Alfred the Great. A treaty between Alfred and the Viking leader gives control of an area of eastern England known as the Danelaw to the Vikings in which to settle.

    King Alfred the Great agreed to peace with the Vikings and granted them there own land in England.
  • 1066

    The end of the Viking age