Video Game Consoles of Time

Timeline created by autumn15
  • Tennis for Two

    Tennis for Two
    William Higinbotham created the 1st interactive game called T ennis for Two at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.
  • Pong

    Atari created Pong which was the 1st in home gaming system.
  • Atari 2600

    Atari 2600
    Warner bought Atari and made the Atari 2600. 25 million of these consoles sold making a profit of 5 billion.
  • Nintendo

    Japan's gaming company Nintendo, released the NES or Famicom.
  • 1st Handheld

    1st Handheld
    Nintedo created the very first handheld system called the Nintendo Gameboy
  • Sega Enters

    Sega Enters
    Sega launches their first gaming console called the Sega Mega Drive which became popular quickly.
  • Sony

    Sony enters the gaming system race with the Playstation console which out done sega
  • XBOX

    The original XBOX is created by microsoft and Sega withdraws from the gaming bussiness.
  • Wii and Xbox 360

    Wii and Xbox 360
    Nintendo and Microsoft release the wii and Xbox 360 before the holidays. The Wii uses motion detection which is about a first for games.
  • To Come

    To Come
    Nintendo has developed the first touch screen control gaming system and are calling it the Wii U.