Timeline created by Dallin C.
In History
  • Ford Model T is created

  • Zimmerman Telegram

  • WWI Armistace

  • 19th amendment comes out

  • Charles Lindbergh flies

  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor

  • New Deal is formed

  • Black THURSDAY!

  • Munich Pact is formed

  • Hitler invades Poland

  • Pearl Harbor is attacked

  • D-Day of World War 2

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear attacks commence

    End 3 days later
  • Long Telegram is Sent

    Telegram about George Kennan's opinon on the Soviet's
  • NATO (North Atlantic Trade Agreement) Is formed

  • Russia Runs First Nuclear Test

    Joe 1. is what the americans named the nuclear test.... :)
  • Korean War Begins

    Ends July 27 1953
  • Brown V Board of Education Begins

    Ends on May 17 1954
  • Vietnam War Starts

    Ends April 30 1975
  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat.

  • Cuban Missile crisis begins.

    Ends October 28, 1962
  • JFK assassinated

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

  • Moon Landing with Apollo 11 Mission

  • Watergate Scandals

    Break in is the date listed but.... this happened throught the early 70s
  • Nixon resigns

    Nixon is fun history....
  • Internet Invented

    This is the day of the first edition of the internet it wasn't until the World Wide Web in 1990 that we have the internet more like ours today... ever wonder where we got www.? World Wide Web!
  • Berlin Wall begins deconstruction

  • 9/11 attacks