US HISTORY 1700-1800

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  • Slave Code

    The colony of Virginia and the House of Burgesses created and passed a slave code that protected slave owners and hurt slaves
  • Slaves Rebel in New York

    Slaves killed 9 white colonists. 21 of the slaves were executed as a result and 6 other slaves killed themselves to avoid the cruel execution.
  • Printing Shop

    William Parks created a printing shop that increased trade in the Chesapeake region in regards to written material
  • Stono Rebellion

    Slaves attempted to escape to Spanish controlled Florida as the Spanish Empire had offered Freedom. The attempt to escape failed.
  • Sugar Act and Currency Act

    The sugar Act was designed to deal with molasses smuggling. The currency Act forced colonists to use forms of currency other than paper currency.
  • Stamp Act

    An act that forced certain goods to get a stamp that costed money. It affected many colonists applying to simple items such as playing cards.
  • Townshend Acts

    Duties for items including, tea, paint, and glass. The act was an effort to gain revenue from the British Colonists
  • Tea Act

    The British Parliament made exceptions for duties regarding Tea for the East India Company
  • Tea Party

    To boycott the tea act tea was stollen from ships and dumped in large quantities into the ocean.
  • War for Independence

    The War for independence was the revolution that allowed the United States to become an independent nation.
  • Common Sence

    Thomas Paine advocated for the Revolution through a popular publication called Common Sense, published by Robert Bell.
  • Declaration of Independence

    A document created by Thomas Jefferson and edited by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, that claimed independence from Britain for several British colonies.
  • Articles of Confederation

    An outline for the early American government, the Articles of Confederation did not enable the government to tax, interfere with international trade, or have a federal court system.
  • Constitution

    The constitution was created to replace the Articles of Confederation and to create a more capable federal government. The constitution organized the government and established the 3 branches of the American Government
  • First President

    George Washington became the First President of the United States
  • Bank of the United States

    The bank was created to manage inflation, and be where the government stored its funds. The bank was given a 20-year charter in 1791 by Congress
  • Jay's Treaty

    A treaty with the British that made the British a primary trading partner with the United States. In return, Britain would abandon strategic military positions..
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    7 Years War

    A major war between the French and the British and Eventually the Spanish. Although the French had success early in the war, ultimately the British won and gained control of French colonies in the North of North America
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    Pontiac's War

    Pontiac's War was a conflict between colonists and Native Americans. The British won the war, however, the natives did manage to adjust their treatment by British authorities.
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    Shays' Rebellion

    Daniel Shay led a rebellion after the government supported the lenders as opposed to farmers who were in debt. The rebellion ultimately failed
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    Whiskey Rebellion

    A rebellion over a tax on whiskey. The rebellion was stopped under the leadership of George Washington. The people involved in the rebellion who were captured were released.