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Timeline created by taylor.johnson
  • french and indian war

    !. Fought betweenengland and france. 2. fought over control of north america territories. 3. the start of the war was a result of indians led by george washington killing a french officer.
  • treaty of paris

  • proclamation of 1763

  • sugar act of 1764

  • stamp act

  • Quartering Act 1770

  • Writs Of Assistance 1767

  • Townshend Acts 1767

  • Boston Massacre 1770

  • Tea Act 1773

  • Boston Tea Party 1773

  • Intolerable Acts 1774

  • 1st Continental Congress 1774

  • Lexington 1775

    Paul Revere's Ride
    In the rider's wake there erupted the peeling of church bells
  • Concord 1775

    Dr. Samuel Prescott shortly after midnight on April 19 awaky by bells
    The nearby militia had grown to a force of more than 400 men
    British forces at the North Bridge over the Concord River.
  • 2nd Continental Congress 1775

    several new delegates
    to drive the British out of Boston
    They also elected George Washington as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
  • Ft. Ticonderoga 1775

    held by the British

    There weren't many British troops located at the Fort.
    They captured the Fort without a single shot being fired
  • Bunker Hill 1775

    the patriot militia controlled the hills surrounding Boston.
    the British were planning to attack Bunker Hill
    The Americans held off two British charges
  • Common Sense 1776

    Thomas Paine
    Paine’s arguments helped persuade
    the fight for Independence
  • The Declaration of Independence

    Thomas Jefferson
    The Declaration of Independence was approved at the Second Constitutional Congress
    introduced a fundamental change
  • new york/lost island

    General Howe and his troops attacked Fort Washington
    British wanted to capture New York City
    Washington avoided capture
  • Battle of Trenton 1776

    George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware River
    Not a single American was killed
    This was a major boost for the American war effort.
  • Battle of Princeton 1777

    the defeated the British
    Washington captures another 300 British soldiers
    new jurfors
  • Battle of Saratoga 1777

    Saratoga was a turning point in the war
    Treaty of Alliance with France and Spain
    British General Burgoyne planned to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies.
  • Winter at Valley Forge 1777

    George Washington and his army struggled to survive the cold weather and snow at Valley Forge
    the soldiers were living in tents which provided little help from the cold
  • Battle of Yorktown 1781

    was the last major battle of the war.
    the American troops managed to force Corwallis
    8,000 British troops surrendered
  • Treaty of Paris 1783

    The Treaty of Paris officially ended the revolution
    American independence
    the end of the revolution