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  • Ubercab Platform Creation

    Ubercab  Platform Creation
    In 2009 the Ubercab platform was created, this would be a taxi that would provide a better transport service.
  • Beginning of operations

    Beginning of operations
    Operations are carried out with 3 cars in New York
  • Service expansion

    Service expansion
    Services are expanded to the city of San Francisco.
  • Name change

    Name change
    Ubercab acorta su nombre, y se aleja de la industria de los taxis, asi nace la marca Uber.
  • Raid in Paris

    Raid in Paris
    Uber is internationalized, after its launch in Paris
  • Conquering the United States

    Conquering the United States
    Taking Uber operations to 7 cities in the United States
  • Uber in Australia

    Uber in Australia
    Operations begin in Sydney, offering reliable travel.
  • Launch in Latin America

    Launch in Latin America
    Incussion in the operations in Mexico, for the summer.
  • Uber in the world

    Uber in the world
    One hundred cities already have Uber service in their streets.
  • Launch of Uber Pool

    Launch of Uber Pool
    The new business line of Uber, seeks that users share their trip, dividing the cost of the race, achieving a reduction in traffic and helping to preserve the environment of pollution, this is done in the city of San Francisco
  • Launch of Uber eats

    Launch of Uber eats
    In the cities of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, they have Uber service for food.
  • Uber in the world market

    Uber in the world market
    Uber is located in 300 cities
  • Cash payment

    Cash payment
    Users from India can pay in cash
  • Historical fact

    Historical fact
    For the first time the women of Saudi Arabia can vote and Uber gives them a free ride.
  • Autonomous Vehicle

    Autonomous Vehicle
    Uber launches its first pilot, now a standalone vehicle can operate in Pittsburgh.
  • Uber Freight

    Uber Freight
    Uber is associated with transport companies, through the platform.