Traveling to America

Timeline created by s-jhart
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  • potato famine

    potato famine
    A disease spread around the potato crops and made them uneatable and mushy
  • dog kicked off ship

    dog kicked off ship
    An angry man punted (kicked) my puppy off the ship
  • Docked and bought a horse

    Docked and bought a horse
    after we docked the ship i immediatley got off and went and bought a horse. Because I brought money I Bought a nice horse that was a dark brown with mighty legs
  • fight

    Because I bumped into the short Russian man he punched me and we got into a scrum. after i won the fight some men thought it was a show and they payed me
  • Reasons i am moving west

    Reasons i am moving west
    Because of the potato famine i had to move to america I wanted to move west because there was free land, the land was very open, and I wanted to start a new life
  • Homestead act

    Homestead act
    The homestead act let anyone moving west have 160 acres of free land. This helped me greatly because i got free land!
  • fight #2

    fight #2
    Because I “ annoyed “ the Chinese man Bruce Chan he punched me and we fought. There have been so many beatings in America, but you cant beat free land.
  • horse dead

    horse dead
    Because me and bruce chan fought (and I won) he shot and killed my horse. this would set me far back in the race for land.
  • New Transportation

    New Transportation
    Because bruce chan shot and killed my horse I bought a donkey. the donkey is very slow but will be helpful for my search for free land
  • Got Land

    Got Land
    I got land finally my goal had been reached I got my own piece of land and met a beautiful women to share it with. the land was beautiful, open grass feild with a few trees in the distance and a small stream