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  • Early Formation of Germany

    Early Formation of Germany
    Between 1806 to 1812, Napoleon made a very relevant change to the states of Germans. He added a territory to an existing state lands along the Rhine River for France, he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire by forcing emperor of Austria to agree to the lesser title of the king. He organized a number of German states into th rhine confederation. He also thought freeing serfs was a good idea. made trade more efficient, and prohibited laws against the Jews.
  • Economic Changes Promote Unity

    Economic Changes Promote Unity
    In the 1830s, Pruissa created an economic union called the Zollverein. This union dismantled tariff or tax barriers between many German states. But even after this union was made, Germany still was political.
  • The Begining of Otto von Bismarck

    The Begining of Otto von Bismarck
    In 1862, King William I made Otto primer minster. Later, he did become a chancellor, or highest official of a monarch. As chancellor, he used the policy of "blood and iron' to make Prussian gain control of the German states.
  • Otto, the Master of Realpolitik

    Otto, the Master of Realpolitik
    Bismarck was the master of Realpolitik. The Realpolitik is the best described as the realistic policies based on the needs of the state. His primary loyalty was to the Hohenzollerns who were the ruling dynasty of Prussia. The Hohenzollerns was a great example of a original version of a moncarchy. As an attempt, he believed he could give power the Hohenzollerns.
  • The First of Three Wars

    The First of Three Wars
    Becoming an alliance with Austria was Bismarck's first idea of power. He later gained control of Holstein and Schleswig from the country Denmark. After the brawl, he divided his controls over both Schleswig and Holstein between Prussia and Austria. Prussia gained control over Schleswig and Austria got Holstein.
  • Defeat of Napoleon III

    Defeat of Napoleon III
    German princes gathered the Glittering Hall of Mirrors in a French palace in Versailles. They had also defeated Napoleon III. They did this in the Franco-Prussian war.
  • Otto Von Bismarck

    Otto Von Bismarck
    Germany has a brand new chancellor. Otto Von Bismarck becomes the new Chancellor of Germany in 1871. He holds this title for 19 years.
  • New Insurance

    New Insurance
    Germanys' economy is getting better. They have now gotten two new types of insurance. Germany got health and accident insurance.
  • Disablity and Old Age

    Disablity and Old Age
    Germanys insurance horizons had broadened. They added two more insurances to their government. They now have disability and old age insurance.
  • Bismarcks Social Democratic Party

    Bismarcks Social Democratic Party
    Bismarcks Social Democratic party had grown. It had more seats than any other Democratic party.
  • Growing Population

    Growing Population
    In 1871 the German population was at 41 million. After 14 years the population grew by 26 million. By 1914 Germany had a population of 67 million.