The Story of Perseus

Timeline created by dakotah.hurda
  • King Acrisius Learns of his Demise

    King Acrisius learns that Perseus will kill him from the Oracle.
  • Acrisius locks Danae in a bronze house underground,

    where Zeus impregnates her with his golden rain. This shows the traditional sexist roles in ancient Greece, where Danae had no power just because she was beautiful.
  • Acrisius locks Danae and Perseus into a chest

    Throws them into the ocean, hoping that they will die. This is one part of the cycle where the hero is thrown into the unknown.
  • They wash ashore where Dictys finds them.

  • Dictys takes them in and raises them

    Perseus learns about Polydectes. He goes to his party, where he is given the quest of killing Medusa. Again the sexist role of man, protecting women and children As for the hero's monomith, this is the god's intervention.
  • Perseus sets sail without his mother's knowledge

    He sails to Greece to learn where to find Medusa. Then he goes to Delphi for guidance from the Oracle, who tells him to look in the land of acorns. They knew nothing.
  • Perseus is visited by Hermes during his travels

    Hermes leads him to the Gray Women, where he must steal their eye and find his path to the Nymphs of the North.
  • Hermes gives Perseus a sword to kill Medusa

  • Athena gives Perseus a mirrored shield

  • Hermes and Perseus go to the land of the Hyperboreans

    The Hyperboreans, joyous people, gave Perseus three gifts: winged sandals
    a magic wallet
    an invisibility cap
  • Perseus and Hermes travel to the Terrible Sisters' island

  • Perseus cuts off Medusa's head in her sleep

    Perseus swoops in on his winged sandals, cuts off Medusa's head, puts it in his magical wallet, and flys away with the help of his invisibilty cap. During the whole thing, he uses Athena's shield to see where he is going.
  • Perseus returns to Ethiopia and finds Andromeda

    He learns that the people there are being attacked by a sea serpent, and that Andromeda is being sacrificed for safety. He goes in, kills the serpent, and marries Andromeda.
  • Perseus returns to where Dictys lives

    He finds that Dictys and his mother are in hiding from Polydectes. So, he goes to his castle and shows Polydectes and all of his supporters Medusa's head, where they are turned to stone. The land is freed from Polydectes' rule, and he puts Dictys in charge as king.
  • Perseus takes his mother, Andromeda, and himself to the lands of Acrisius

    He returns to Acrisius' lands in Greece, where he searches for him. In Argos, he learns that Acrisius was driven away from the city. He then learns of a great athletic contest being held, and journeys there to compete.
  • Perseus kills Acrisius, completing the prophecy

    While throwing a disc in discus, Perseus throws it too hard and it flies into the stands, killing Acrisius. Perseus then gives Athena Medusa's head, which she carries on the Aegis.