The Life Of John Brown

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  • His Birth

    His Birth
    He was born the son of Owen Brown and Ruth Mills. His Mother died in child birth. His father was a priest. He was raised believing slavery as evil.
  • His wife died

    His wife died
    His wife died in child birth. He and his 5 sons are now all that left of there family. John Brown gets remarried and has 13 more kids. They then all move to Franklin Mills, Ohio.
  • He gets remarried

    He gets remarried
    After his wife died he got remarried to Mary Day. She is 16 years old. She looks after his 5 children. She then gives birth to 13 of her own.
  • He declares his bankruptcy

    He declares his bankruptcy
    He like many was hard hit by the panic of 1842. He and his family were out of work. They ended up moving to Massachusetts. He went to New York after in search of work.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    He, his sons and other anti-slavery men attack pro slavery voters. This battle was later known as Bleeding Kansas. The battle happened because congress put the Kansas-Nebraska act into force. This battle showed each side how strongly the other side felt about slavery
  • He traveled to Canada to free slaves

    He traveled to Canada to free slaves
    He traveled 1,000 miles to help free slaves. He traveled for 82 days. He traveled with the slaves to Canada then returned. He then started planing the raid on Harpers Ferry.
  • He leads a raid on Missouri

    He leads a raid on Missouri
    John Brown and his 'soldiers' attacked Missouri. They did this to attack slave owners. They did this to increase there numbers by adding the slaves they found to there band. another reason of there doing this was to get money for there up coming raid
  • Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry
    He attacked a weapons house with 40 men in an attempt to arm and free slaves. The initial battle went well but many lives were lost. After the battle there were a few days of a man hunt. Then John Brown and all his men were captured.
  • His death

    His death
    He died from hanging after harpers ferry. He was convicted for inciting an armed slave revolt. He was hung after his trail. In his trail he said that gods will would be done.
  • Period: to

    His time in the underground railroad.

    He decided to join the underground railroad to become more prominent in helping slaves. He owns a railroad station. He helped many gain freedom. He decided it was not enough to help the slaves so went his own way.
  • Period: to

    His time in prision

    After the events of harpers ferry he was captured and put in prison and put on trail. There was a man hunt that lasted a few days before he was captured. In his time in prison he received many letters. Some letters were from his supporters some were not.