The Land of Zenith

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  • The Spilt

    I've split from Utopia my mother country. I must find land and claim it as mine! Utopia may be full of dictatorship and evil but I will make my own government and be better than all of them!
  • Found Land

    Ive sailed far enough and found land. I shall call it Zenith and I will build and explore here.
  • Freedom

    Ive declared freedom from Utopia and I am now on my own. This land will be successful and will flourish.
  • Zenith Flag

    Zenith Flag
    Ive made the decision of calling this land Zenith. Its peaceful here in Zenith; peaceful enough Ive had time to think and ponder over what i will do next to start my own government. Ive made a flag so far.
  • Presidency

    I know no one is here just yet to elect me but this is a democracy and i will elect myself! I will be a good president and ill get this country up and moving; first we need alliances.
  • Rights and Liberties

    -Freedom of speech.When is comes to protesting, you must meet the requirements: 250 signatures on the petition, all the RSVP's of who's going to be in/attending the protest, paperwork of who is holding the protest.)
    -Right to bare arms.The person(s) who is buying the firearm must show paperwork of who they are and if they've been in the military.( if so the firearm is strict)
    -No discrimination
    -Right to stay silent
    -Freedom of Press (non-invasive)
    -Free health,dental,and eye care
  • Creating Alliances

    I've created alliances with other surrounding countries. ( Nirvana, Anes, Faudish) So far we all agree on the same things (no war unless absolutely necessary).
  • The Rich Oyster Beds of the Cove

    Ive discovered black pearls! The upside of this discovery is that people have overheard it and have flocked over to explore the cove. Hopefully they decide to stay!
  • Dry Oyster Beds

    Everyone's dried out the cove. No more oyster beds have black pearls. Upside to this is that more people have joined me on Zenith! We will share and trade black pearls as our currency until further notice.
  • States and Cities

    Because of the black pearl rush, more people have moved to Zenith and because of this, states and cities have formed. So far we have 22 States and counting!
  • The Alliance of Loyal Zenithians

    "Dictatorship no more!" is our motto. We've made a declaration and made a group of representatives for Zenith. I signed the paper stating that we as a country will try our very hardest to be he best country out there!
  • Drafts

    We need a drafting for our military. I know i stated that we dont need military and that we dont need them unless necessary, but just to be sure we need citizens who've been trained to be in the military and can serve when needed. So a draft it is!
  • Military Establishment

    After years of training and months of drafting, we finally have our team of hard working military citizens. Hopefully we never need to have war but if so, we'll be prepared.
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