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  • 1933 When baba was born{The KIte Runner}

    In the book the kite runner in this year 1933, baba was born and it was also the year Zahir Shah began his forty-year reign of Afghanistan, two brother, young men from a wealthy and reputable family in Kabul, got behind the wheel of their fathers Ford roaster.(pg 24).
  • About 1945 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner, "For the next couple of years after 1933, the words economic development and reform danced on a lot of lips in Kabul. The constitution monarchy had been abolished, replaced by a republic, led by a president of the republic. For a while, sense of rejuvenation and purpose swept across the land. People spoke of women's rights and modern technology."(pg 43)
  • 1947

    In the Pbs news article they say that in 1947 withdraws form India creating the Hindi but secular state of India and the Islamic State of Pakistan. The nation of Pakistan includes a long largely uncontrollable border of Afghanistan.
  • 1953

    The pbs news article states that in 1953 Mohammed Daoud Khan,cousin of the king becomes a prime minister and looks to the communist nation for economic and the military's assistance. He also introduces a number of social reforms including and allowing women to be in a more public place.
  • 1956

    In the article pbs news states, A general secretary named Nikita Khrushchev agrees to help Afghanistan, and the two countries become close allies.
  • 1957

    Pbs news article says, A parts of Daoud's reforms that women are allowed to attend to a University and enter workforce.
  • 1958-1996 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner year 1958-1996 amir taught Hafez,Khayyam, Rumi, Beydel, Jami, Saadi. Once, I was even a guest lecturer in Tehran,1971 that was. I gave a lecture on the mystic Beydel.
  • 1965

    In the pbs new article it states that, In 1965 the Afghan Communist Party secretly had forms that the group leaders are Babark and Nur Mohammed Taraki.
  • 1970 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner in the year 1970, baba took a break from the construction of the orphanage and flew to Tehran for a month to watch World Cup games on television, since at the time Afghanistan didn't have Tv yet. (pg20)
  • 1973

    According to the pbs news article says, that in 1973 Khan overthrows the last king named Mohammed Zahir Shah in a military coup. Khan's government named the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan comes to power adding to that Khan put a end to the monarchy and names himself the president. After that the Republic of Afghanistan accepted with firm ties with the USSR.
  • 1933-1973 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner in the year 1933 between 1973 the Afghanistan was a monarchy ruled by a man named King Zahir Shah.
  • 1975-1977

    In the pbs news article it says, Between the years 1975-1977 Khan a former ruler proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. Khan take severe measures and forces suspected of not supporting Khan out the government.
  • 1975 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner, it says, I became what i am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975.(pg 1) I thought of the life i had lived until the winter of 1975 came along and changed everything.And made me what I am today.(pg2).
  • 1978

    Pbs history says, A former ruler named Khan is killed in a communist coup. A founding member of Afghan Communist Party named Nur Mohammed Taraki takes control of the country president and he also took control of a deputy prime named Babrak Karmal.
  • 1979

    Pbs news says that in 1979 an american representative named Ambassador Adolph Dub was killed and the United States cuts off afghanistan's assistance. Taraki is killed On September 14 in a confrontation with Amin supporters. December the USSR invades Afghanistan. Then on December 27, Amin and many of the followers are executed. Then by the early 1980, the Mujahadeen rebels have united against Soviet invaders and the USSR-backed Afghan Army.
  • 1982

    According to pbs new history it says, In 1982 2.8 million afghans had fled to war to Pakistan and that another 1.5 fled to Iran.
  • 1986 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner its says in 1986, " Most of my friends and relatives had either been killed or escaped the country to Pakistan or Iran" Pg(203)
  • 1988 {The Kite Runner} Baba's death

    In the kite runner year 1988 baba dies of an illness which is lung cancer. And he didn't want to get any kind of treatment. And doesn't want amir to tell anyone about his illness.
  • 1992-1996 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner it says, the ancient citadel that the warlord Dostum had occupied in 1992 on the Shirdarwaza mountain range, the same mountains from which Mujahedin forces had showered Kabul with rockets between 1992 and 1996, inflicting how much of the damage I was witnessing now.(pg 245).
  • About 1992 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner, Rahim Khan describes the fear Kabul during this time. He remembers, "The infighting between the factions was fierce and no one knew if they could live to see the end of the day. Our ears became accustomed to the rumble of gunfire, our eyes familiar with the sight of man digging bodies out of piles of rubble, Kabul in those days.. Was as close as you could get to that proverbial hell on earth.
  • 1996 {The Kite Runner}

    The kite runner in the year 1996, The Taliban took control of kabul. After so many years of insecurity and violence, the people welcomed the takeover. Rahim khan remember, "We all celebrated in 1966 when the taliban rolled in a put an end to daily fighting."
  • 1966 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner it says that, "We see how the Taliban used fear and violence to control the people of Afghanistan."
  • 2001 {The KIte Runner}

    In the kite runner August 2001, amir arrived home on that day and his wife soraya picked them up at the airport. That's the first time that he has ever been far away from her for a long time.(pg 357)
  • September 11, 2001{The Kite Runner}

    In 2001 in the book the kite runner, the United States invaded and overthrew the Taliban.
  • 2002 {The Kite Runner}

    In the kite runner during the year 2002, when the provisional government was in placed.
  • 2004 {The Kite Runner}

    In the year 2004, the kite runner the president in Afghanistan Hamid Karzai was elected. And like amir and his family afghan would refugees that people would live in other parts.
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