The History of Photography Until the CIvil War

Timeline created by ihaque
  • Nicephore Niepce

    In 1816 the crude wiiden camera came out and had a microscopic lens.
  • Mousetrap Camera

    Mousetrap Camera
    William Henry Fox Talbot’s camera made the first Photogenic drawings' on paper sensitized with silver chloride.
  • Sliding double box Giroux Daguerreotype Camera

    Sliding double box Giroux Daguerreotype Camera
    Daguerre himself designed the camera, this was the very first Commercially manufactured camera.
  • Daguerrotype Panoramic Camera

    A camera with a hand crank driving a swing lens covering a 150 degree arc. The plates were 19 to 24 inches long.
  • American Champered Rosewood and cedar daguerreotype camera

    American Champered Rosewood and cedar daguerreotype camera
    Edward Anthony’s camera was extremely advanced with Non marked Petzval lens & Cap with Iron Center stand. Half Plate model with groundglass and Holder, Double trap door, top loading, with expandable rear focusing.
  • Compact Folding Camera

    Compact Folding Camera
    A camera intended for the military. This was one of the first compact folding cameras ever made.
  • Pocket stereo camera

    Introduced by the London stereoscopic company that is only 8 x 4 3/4 x 2 inches deep.
  • Simon wing camera

    Simon wing camera
    Simon Wing of Charlestown, Massachusets, patents a sliding plate holder and a studio camera.
  • Sutton's camera

    Thomas Sutton patents the first single-lens reflex camera. The photographer views the scene though the viewfinder which is the same line of sight from which the light passes the lens to expose the plate.
  • Dubroni

    A small boxlike camera made in 5 sizes for processing a photograph inside the camera.