The History of Malaya Fe

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  • Citizens Oppressed

    Citizens Oppressed
    Under the dictatorship of Raymond Rodriguez, citizens of Malaya Mexico were ordered to stand down and remain silent on the current established government. Any individual who was caught speaking of politics in any form was to be severely punished or imprisoned.
  • Courageous Citizen

    Courageous Citizen
    Brave Malaya citizen, Demitri Santiago walked up to government official and spoke his opinions. Citing the danger of Dictator Rodriguez, Santiago spoke on behalf of his fellow citizens. He was then taken into custody and placed into solitary confinement.
  • The Uprising Begins

    The Uprising Begins
    Citizens of Malaya, Mexico, fueled by the actions of Demitri Santiago stormed the gates of the facility housing Santiago. A group of 100 individuals sought freedom for the outspoken man. However, they were all pushed away and ordered to return home with the threat of being placed in custody as well.
  • The War Begins

    The War Begins
    Outraged by the refusal of their request, the 100 citizens banded together with over 300 more rebels and formed a plan. Utilizing their collective intelligence they formulated a plan to break into the government facility and free Demitri Santiago. Successful with their plan, they ran away to a nearby city in Mexico free from the reign of Raymond Rodriguez. Outraged, their dictator declared war on anyone who followed the rebels.
  • Spark of Hope

    Spark of Hope
    Inspired by the recent appearance of the rebels, 2,000 more citizens joined the cause. Packing up as many of their belongings as possible, they traveled over to Fe, an independent, democratic city that was not yet impacted by Rodriguez's reign. There it was agreed upon that Fe would offer its military to its rebels to assist with their cause. Now having a solid army to back their ambition, they began preparation for the upcoming battles.
  • The Battle of Campo De Batalla

    The Battle of Campo De Batalla
    Meeting in the city between Malaya and Fe, military forces from both sides met at Campo De Batalla to battle for their ideas. After five days of fighting, the rebels of Malaya and militants of Fe miraculously pushed back Rodriguez's forces. Signing a peace treaty, it was decided that no military force was to be practiced again.
  • Freedom Granted

    Freedom Granted
    Meeting with Dictator Rodriguez, Demitri Santiago and Fe leader Edwin Pena met to sign a declaration of freedom. Rebels of Malaya were free to leave to Fe, along with any others who wished to leave the city. Though reluctant, Raymond Rodriguez focused his attention elsewhere and turned his back on the loss he faced.
  • Together United

    Together United
    Ahead of their recent victory, citizens of Malaya and Fe worked together to form their very own presidential democratic government. President Edwin Pena, maintaining his primary position, offered opportunities for Malayan representation within the government. With an official sign off, the city of Malaya and Fe came together as a unified, independent city within the Mexico limits with the name "Malaya Fe."