the history of gaming

Timeline created by rogerssean
  • Period: to

    gaimig device

  • PONG

    in 1975 they invented a gaming device call pong. made the the first home virson of pong pong
  • nintendo enterainment center

    nintendo enterainment center
    in 1985 they invented the nintendo entertainment center. nintendo was orignally a playing card company and released the nintendo to america.
  • GameBoy

    this ws the second gaming device that nintendo released and it was the first hand held game in the world
  • playstation

    the first one made in 1995, was the first gaming device to put 3-D graphics in the system
  • nintendo 64

    nintendo 64
    was one of the last gaming device made by nintendo, and loaded a lot faster then CD.
  • platstation 2

    platstation 2
    the first 128 bits system in america and was the first to have a DVD player and started the grand theft auto series.
  • xbox

    the first gamign devise made by mircosoft and it stared noe of the best series in gaming history halo.
  • the xbox 1

    the xbox 1