The European Union

Timeline created by maria<samso
  • Speech

    Speech by Robert Schuman
  • ECSC

    ECSC was founded
  • Rome

    Traties of Rome were signed
  • ECC

    The ECC was founded :the inner six
  • Six countries

    Six countries
    They were: Belguim,France,Italy,Gest Germany,Luxenbourg and The Netherlands.
  • 3 new countries

    3 new countries
    They were : United kingdom , Denmark and Ireland.
  • European Regional Development Fund

    European Regional Development Fund
    The ERDF was founded
  • 1 new country

    1 new country
    ECC was enlarged to ten the new one was Greece
  • 2 new coutries

    2 new coutries
    ECC was englaged to twelve members and single European act was signed the new countries were Portugal and Spain
  • Maastricht

    Maastricht treaty came into force
  • 3 new memebrs

    3 new memebrs
    European Union was englarged to 15 members this were the 3 new ones :Sweeden ,Austria and Finland.
  • Central bank

    Central bank
    European central bank was founde ,is lockated in washintong DC.
  • Addoption

    The addoption of the treaty of nice
  • Euro

    The euro came into circulation
  • 10 new members

    10 new members
    European Union was enlarged to 25 membres the new ones were :Czech Republic, Cyprus (only the Greek-Cypriot part), Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Poland.
  • 2 new members

    2 new members
    European union was enlarged to 27 members the new ones were:Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Lisbon treaty

    Lisbon treaty
    the traty of Lisbon came into force
  • 1 new member

    1 new member
    European union enlarged to 28 countries the new one was :Croatia
  • Bye Bye United Kingdom

    Bye Bye United Kingdom
    The united kingdom go out of the european union