The crazy 20s

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  • Conference of Berlin

    After this conference, a big part of Africa was under the control of France, Belgium, Portugal and Great Britain.
  • Cuba and the Enmienda Platt

    In Cuba, was permited the intervención of EEUU to help to achieve the independence and a good government. The Enmienda Platt was a governamental appendixt that allowed EEUU to preserve the independence of Cuba.
  • Japan against Russia

    Japan invested in Korea and Formosa. This destino had kind of trouble with Russia creating a war from 1904 - 1905.
  • The Southafrican Union

    After several wars it was granted for the africans the autonomy. This was created consolidating the free state of Orange, Natal, Transvaal and colonia del Cabo. In 1915, Namibia was added.
  • The Japanese Empire becomes relevant in the asian picture

    After they opened to the exterior, the Japanese Empire could develop the first case of industrialization in the non occidental scene.
  • The Chinese Republic

    The last Emperador of the Chinsese dinasties abdicated, then a civil war came to the picture and as a result the fragmentation of the country and the Chinese Republic.
  • Spain loses Philipines

    EEUU takes Philipines from Spain and from then on, Spain is no longer a colonial power.
  • National Jewish Project

    There was a conflict from the European Colon Jewish people against the arabish autocrats. Sionism was a nacionalist jewish movement. It consisted in the creation of a new identity based in the culture and not only in religious beliefs. The bourgeoisie democracy couldn’t defend the jewish so a new entity.
  • Japan against Germany

    Japan took over the German terrirories from the Pacific, such as Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palaos and Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Great Britain supports Palestine

    Great Britain promises Palestine support.
  • Panama occupied Chiquirí

    This was un order to preserve the public order.
  • Afganistan becomes independent

    It became independent after being sought after by Iran, Britain and Russia. Britain acceded to give Afganistan a protectorate and so they became independent.
  • The situation of the Southafrican Union

    The only independent territories were Ethiopia and Liberia, the rest was under the control of any other european country.
  • The “Sistema de Mandatos” is applied in Southafrica

  • Communist Chinese Party in Shangai

    This party was supported by the URSS. This provoked a war around the year 1927 which lasted for two decades. The was had very bad repercusions in the country and a great weakness.
  • Independence of Mongolia

    At first it got independent with some sovietic help but in 1921, taking advantadge from the crisis in China it became the Popular Republic of Mongolia.
  • Italy strenghthen their presence in Libia, Abisinia and in the north of Spain Morocco

  • Independence of Egypt

    Under the British protectorate.
  • Limited rights for Black people and non-white people

    These were more rights that the ones they used to have.
  • Monarch: Reza Pahlaví

    Reza Pahlaví was a militar nacionalist who implemented modern policies in Arabia
  • EEUU occupies the city of Panama

    To finnish with a strike
  • Invasión of Manchuria

    The Japanese took Manchuria, in the north of China, which was one of the most important conqueres. Later in 1937 the Chinese invaded Pekin and Shangai.
  • Independence of Irak

    One of the only countries that were independent at that time in the Arabic Unification. Reza Pahlaví changes the name of Irak for Iran. It becomes an important country because petroleum was discovered.
  • Arabian unification

    Great Britain can’t colonize anything else. For example, the Gulf Coast, Yemen or either Oman. The monarch was Abdelaziz Bin Saud. It lastre for 30 years. Persia for example didn’t have any kind of colonialization. Qjar got divided by the Russian Empire and the United Kingdom.
  • The Chaco War

    The Chaco war was between Paraguay and Bolivia. From 1932 - 1935.
  • The War between Colombia and Peru

    From 1932 - 1933
  • Spanish territories as a penitenciarian destiny

    There, people who had anarchist thoughts were sent.
  • EEUU and the arise of the marine cops

    The little war heded by Augusto C. Sandino draw the attention of a lot of latinoamerican activists. Then the marine cops arised and it felt quite violent for the country.
  • India demands autonomy

    India was part of Great Britain but started demanding autonomy in 1920. Important figures like Mahatma Gandhi was a known leader from the anticolonialista resistence. Finally India had their own government and idependent legislative assambleys in 1935.
  • The Big Arabic Revolt

    It got the arabic, the jewish and the British confronted.
  • Evian Conference

    The conference of the objective was to figure out a solution to the problem of the jewish refugees.