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Timeline created by NicholasAdy
  • First mechanical computer, the Babbage Engine

    Charles Babbage designed but never built computers. He designed the Babbage Engine in 1850, but it was never built until 2003.
  • Boolean

    George Boole created a branch of simple mathematics that is essential to the complex modern day circuitry.
  • First programmable computer Z1

    Z1 Was created by a German man by the name of Konrad Zuse. Z1 was a programmable binary computer that performed calculations using relays from telephones.
  • First electric programmable computer, Colossus.

    Developed by Tommy Flowers, Colossus was created to help British code breakers read encrypted German messages.
  • The first computer: ENIAC

    Invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Period: to

    Y2K bug

    Computers used only the last two digits of the year to save memory space. As 2000 approached, people worried that it would reset to 00, thus erasing data from that year. Instead, the computers rolled over to 2000 with no major problems.