Technology Changing Society

Timeline created by ruderaud
  • Earliest Human Powered Submarine

    Earliest Human Powered Submarine
    The submarine is a human powered warship that became very significant to today's society, because it created a new and different type of gorilla warfare technique. This is because it was meant to stay under the sea and to be hidden from the enemy at war.
  • How the Submarine Changed Society

    The Submarine changed/introduced a new fightiing advantage for soilders during war for future years to come. The sub also influenced society, because it created many discoveries for scientific reason beneath the water.
  • The First Ambulance

    The First Ambulance
    The significance of the ambulance was to transport the sick or injured in a vehicle, getting the individual back to good health quicker than usual. The ambulance came about during war times because it was much needed due to a countless number of injuries on the battlefields.
  • How the Ambulance Changed Society

    The Ambulance influenced society very positivly in the medical field. Reason being, to this day, the automobile has saved a number of lives being first to the scene/accident. It has changted our society, because asecond of delay can make a huge difference on someone's life.
  • The First Typewriter

    The First Typewriter
    The invention of the typewriter was significant because it helped individuals write much faster and sped up the process of writing every copy by hand. It also was important for our society, because it made information become known much easier and faster.
  • How the Typewriter Has Changed Society

    The typewriter has changed our society for the better, because it brought up a new and easier idea to use communication, record keeping, and reading. We would probably not have the computer today if it wasn't for the typewriter
  • The First Radio Receiver

    The First Radio Receiver
    The wireless transmission is very important in our society, because it opened up a whole new way for the world to communicate besides reading the news or hearing information from other individuals.
  • How the First Radio Reciever Changed Society

    The Radio Reciever changed our society today, because it influenced more inventions that dealt with communication and technology. It was an exciting and new invention that convinced people to tune into sports, music, news, etc.
  • The Creation of YouTube

    The Creation of YouTube
    This online sharing and viewing site was invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jarred Karim. YouTube is used for originally-created videos for any viewers to watch. It was also named Time Magazine's invention of the year in 2006.
  • How YouTube Changed Society

    YouTube has changed our society, because it revolutionized everything from entertainment to education in video/movie form. The site has expanded our ability to upload or to find new information within seconds online.