Syrian Uprising

Timeline created by zhaozhixd
  • Derra/Damascus

    The Syrian Uprising began when 15 school children were arrested and reportedly tortured after writing on a wall the slogan "The people want the downfall of the regime"
    Peaceful demonstrators demanded their release but some were shot dead by security forces, triggering unrest that spread throughout the country
  • Derra/Damascus

    Syrian uprising experienced its bloodiest day when 72 protesters were killed by security forces firing on crowds
  • Formation of the Syrian National Council

    Formation of the Syrian National Council
    Opposition groups formed the Syrian National Council and pledged to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad
  • Month-long bombardment

    Month-long bombardment
    Syrian forces began shelling cities resulting in 55 deaths
    BCC described it as a city under seige
  • UN Peace Plan

    UN Peace Plan
    UN observers began their peace work to monitor Syria
  • UN Forces withdraw

    UN Forces withdraw
    Violence continued to escalate and they suspended their operations