Sydney Norris Acts Timeline

Timeline created by snorris18
  • Navigation Acts

    This act directed the trade between England and the colonies. It also pervented the colonists from sending certian products, such as sugar or tobacco, outside the area that made up Englands Empire.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Set the Appalachin Mountains as the temporary western boundary for the colonies. Angered those who owned shares in land componies.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    Lowered the tax imported molasses. This act angered colonists. They belived these Britsh actions violated, or interfeared with, their rights as English citizens.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Placed a tax on almost all printed material, including newspapers, wills, and playing cards. Parliment had inerfeared in colonial affairs by taxing the colonies directly.
  • Declaratory Act

    Declaratory Act
    That parlaiment had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies "in all cases." Some colonists thought the act was fair, but some did not.
  • Townshead Act

    Townshead Act
    The new taxes would apply only to imported goods such as glass, tea, and paper, with the tax being paid at the port of entry. Any British taxes angered the colonists. They belived that only their own representatives had the right to tax them .
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    Allowed the company a virtual monapoly, or sole control, of the trade for tea in America. Colonists vowed to stop the East India companys ships from unloading.