Stages of my life

Timeline created by Mitchell_Watson
  • I am born

  • My temperament as an infant

    According to my parents i was a very bad baby. They said it was understandable however, because I suffered from colic. This would make even the best babies cry.
  • I begin walking

    I began walking at age 2, like most babies do.
  • Secure/Insecurely attatched

    I talked with my mother about this topic and she told me that i would cry when she left the room but when i became old enough to go to school i was fine. This tells me that for the most part i was securely attached.
  • Story from my life

    I exhibited behaviors that were in line with the object permanence theory that Piaget developed. My father said i liked playing peek a boo when i was an infant. this shows that i had not developed object permanence yet.
  • My sports stage

    When I was a child i got a lot of physical exercise. I played baseball from the time I was 5 until I graduated high school. I got very much exercise as a child. I have always and still do love working out.
  • I get a little brother

  • My interests from age 2-4

    I was into machines as a young child. My dad used to take my with him to work and let me ride on heavy machinery with him. I would say that I didn't quite fit into the categorization of children.
  • Drawing Pictures on the wall

    When i was younger my parents said me with a marker in my hand was a nightmare. I would draw all over the walls of or house (or anyone else for that matter for no reason at all. This shows that i was in piagets preoperational stage.
  • language aquisition

    I remember doing reading exercises with my mother and constantly having to read books. i believe this really helped me get a grasp on language as i see it now.
  • I get a little sister

  • Gross motor/ Fine motor skills

    My motor skills as a child were finely tuned. I could accurately throw a baseball and i could write very neatly.
  • parent description

    My parents/ teachers described me as a good child. I would say this description differs from my temperament in infancy because i no longer was in constant pain.
  • Middle Childhood

    I showed an example of one of piagets stages of cognitive development in childhood. I was in the intuitive thought substage during this period. My dad said as a child i was cinstsntly questioning things, asking why.
  • Experience that made me aware of a concept of intelligence

    I remember my elementary school had a placement test for a program called "GRC". I scored well and got in. This is the first time i remember being aware of my own intelligence.
  • Late Childhood

    I was never very good at math but in late childhood i was able to figure out how certain things related. This correlation helped me relize my intelligence was developing
  • Puberty

    I believe i entered puberty about the same time as my peers.
  • Cognitive development

    At this stage in my development i was able to start using context clues to find the answers to questions when reading.
  • Excercise

    I got very much exercise in my adolescence. I played baseball, football, golf and basketball. I was a very active adolescent.
  • My Most important relationship in adolescense

    I thing sternberg would describe even my best relationship in adolescence as insecure. I was never close to anyone until i was an adult.
  • early adult hood, physical activity

    My current level of physical activity is probably less than it should be but i still exercise. I am happy with it.
  • Relationship

    the sternberg relationship tha applies to me is with my long term girlfriend. We are securely attached