Spenser Miller- Freshman Year Timeline

Timeline created by Avery16
  • Dr. New House

    Dr. New House
    My family moves to our new house. This was the first move I have ever been a part of.
  • Crash Course

    Crash Course
    This was the freshman crash course in marching. This was the start of a long Marching Band season.
  • Working at the Car Wash

    Working at the Car Wash
    This was the first car wash I went to for the band. Me and all the low brass. This is an important event because this was the first Benton Band event I went to.
  • School (>x_x)> D:

    School (>x_x)> D:
    The start of my Freshman Year at Benton High School. This was the first day of the rest of my life.
  • Kick Off!

    Kick Off!
    The first football game that I played at with the band. This was the first taste of Marching band I really got.
  • Lesson of Truths

    Lesson of Truths
    The first lesson with truths was a big step of my writing.
  • Music is (and of) my Life

    Music is (and of) my Life
    This assignment was where we took a song we like and took it apart to look at how the lyrics connect to our life. This essay gave me a deeper look at how music connects to people and their mind.
  • Lightshow

    Benton Band Lightshow was one of the most crazy thing the band does. It was exciting and rushed all in one.
  • Making the Cut

    Making the Cut
    This was the All District Band Audition day. This was my first high school district band audition.
  • Ripping the Guitar

    Ripping the Guitar
    I get my first electric guitar. It's a limited edition Def Leppard Lyon by Washburn. This open a window of music to me. It showed my that wind and string instruments have major differences.
  • Harry Dies

    Harry Dies
    I finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. The Harry Potter series was one of the most emotionally binding book series I have every read. Another reason this is an important event because I found an excellence truth from the series, "Your will to live is only as strong as your fear of death."
  • Why Thank You, M'am

    Why Thank You, M'am
    This story was blow apart and we took a look at the structure of characters and settings. This was interesting how the littlest thing could effect the character. This was a big step in my writing too.
  • First Spike!!!

    First Spike!!!
    The first day of tennis practice with Mr. Nash. This was the first introduction of a sport I am good at and like to play.
  • Blog, Blog, Blog

    Blog, Blog, Blog
    We started blogs. Blogs are a whole new way of connection. After we started this it was a really new experience.
  • Band to Omaha

    Band to Omaha
    Jazz band to Omaha. This was the best trip ever in Jazz Band!! Hey were praised in competition and the rest was awesome.
  • Debased

    I finished my war story, Debased. It was about people that were in a bunker after the bombings of Japan. I think this has been one of the best things I have wrote before. I was really indepth with everything.
  • Drum Major

    Drum Major
    I had to get up in front of the whole band and comduct. The nerves made it a very big mermory.
  • Rush to NHS

    Rush to NHS
    This was the day that I started on my acceptance to NHS. This is an important day because NHS is an important organinzation.
  • Death of the Year

    Death of the Year
    The end of the school year! This year has been a emotional and physical rollar coaster, but I wouldn't change anything.
  • Trip to Denver

    Trip to Denver
    This is hopefully going to be a very big trip. This will go down as a big mermory!!!