Spanish flu timeline

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  • First report

    First report
    Army private at Fort Riley reports to the camp hospital complaining of fever, sore throat, and headache. Before the day is over, over 100 soldiers fall sick
  • Warning issued by Public health officials

    Warning issued by Public health officials
    Public health officials in Philadelphia issue a warning about what they call the “Spanish influenza”
  • more sailors report being sick

    more sailors report being sick
    Over 60 sailors report to the sick bay with cold symptoms
  • sailors start to become sick

    sailors start to become sick
    Sailors stationed aboard the Receiving Ship at Commonwealth Pier in Boston begin reporting to the sick bay with cold symptoms
  • report from Dr. Victor Vaughn

    hundreds of young stalwart men in uniform coming into the wards of the hospital. Every bed was full, yet others crowded in. The faces wore a bluish cast; a cough brought up the blood-stained sputum. In the morning, the dead bodies are stacked about the morgue like cordwood. That day, 63 men die of influenza.
  • Epidemic Reported

    Epidemic Reported
    Massachusetts Department of Health informs local newspapers that they are dealing with an epidemic
  • Edward Wagner Falls

    Edward Wagner Falls
    This flies in the face of San Francisco public health officials who had played down the threat of the flu to the public
  • Gathering

    200,00 people gathered together for a loan drive in Philadelphia. Within a few days over 600 new cases were reported. The city was forced to close schools parks theaters and other places for the public
  • Death Toll Rises

    Death Toll Rises
    202 dead in Boston. The Liberty Bond parades are cancelled as well as all sporting events. The stock market goes on half-days
  • Flue Reaches Washington

    Flue Reaches Washington
    The flue hit Seattle with 700 cases and one death At the University of Washington Naval training camp
  • Philly Reports Death toll

    Philly Reports Death toll
    Philadelphia records 289 influenza-related deaths in a single day
  • New Mexico Hit

    New Mexico Hit
    New Mexico had remained safe up until this point reports its first case
  • First death in new mexico

    First death in new mexico
    Just days after being reported in new mexico the first flue related death is reported
  • New York Reports Death Toll

    New York Reports Death Toll
    In a single day, 851 New Yorkers die The death rate in Philly was also was 700 times the average for a week
  • First Vaccine

    First Vaccine
    Dr. C.Y. White announces he has developed a preventative vaccine. More than 10,000 complete series of inoculations were sent to the Philadelphia Board of Health
  • Mandatory Masks

    Mandatory Masks
    Mandatory Face mask in Seattle
  • Mandatory Masks

    Mandatory Masks
    Masks become mandatory for the entire state of Washington
  • Halloween canceled

    Halloween canceled
    Most of the united states did not participate in Halloween this year. October was also the deadliest month of the epidemic killing 195,000 Americans
  • News world print

    News world print
    News world print puts out suggestions to avoid the flue
  • world war one

    world war one
    World War One comes to a end but celebrations are weighed down
  • New Mexico

    New Mexico
    over 5,000 people have died in mexico by now
  • Face masks removed

    Face masks removed
    Sirens sounded in San Francisco telling people it was safe to remove their mask
  • Seattle

    Seattle announces it is safe to remove masks and re opens their schools
  • no deaths in over a month

    no deaths in over a month
    This was the first month that had no reports of the flu
  • Total Death Count estimated

    Total Death Count estimated
    It is estimated that 21.5 million people died during the 1918 epidemic