Space Race: The Battle Between USA and the Soviet Union

Timeline created by beye33
  • Sputnick 1 Sattelite

    The Soviet Union had a head start on the Space Race by launching this sattelite probe into space. This was a very important event because this inspired the beginning of the Space Race.
  • Sputnick 2 Launch

    Following the extreme sucsess of Sputnick 1, the Soviet Union launched this into orbit with Laika the dog. This was important because it showed that life could be preserved in space.
  • Explorer 1 Launch

    This was theUnited States' reaction when the Soviet Union launched Sputnick 1 and Sputnick 2 in the Space Race. The event was important because it was actually the first sattelite to find the Van Allen radiation belt.
  • Soviet Union fails

    The Soviet Union had an epic explosion due to a not-according-to-procedeure ground test landing.This was important because then a new rival(the survivors).
  • Vostok 1

    The Soviet Union acheived sending a human into space and sending him around Earth once. The importance of this event was that it led the president to make a statement of needing to land a man on the moon, and return him safely to Earth.
  • Gemini 12

    This was when Buzz Aldrin spent more than 5 hours fixing the ship from the outside. This was an important event because it proved that activities could be done in space.
  • US fails

    The US Apollo 1 also exploded due to a fire in an entirely oxygen environment, killing many people in a launch test. This is important because it showed that they were rushing too fast in the race.
  • Apollo 11

    This was the first sucsessful moon landing during the Space Race. It is important because it proved that humans can survive on the moon.
  • Cooperation

    The Soviet Union and the US call a truce in the Space Race to work together. This was important because it sparked the ASTP.
  • USSR dissolves

    The USSR is discontinued and distributes info to other places. This is important because it inspires other countries to work on space technology.