space race

Timeline created by Tylar69
  • soviets lanch sputnik I

    soviets lanch sputnik I
  • USSR lanches sputnik 2

    Sputnik 2 caryed a dog named laika who died when the nose of the rocket got to hot.
  • U.S lanches explorer 1

  • explorer 2 is lanched but fails to reach orbit

  • vangared 1 is lanched

  • sputnik 3 is lanched

  • NASA is created

  • pioneer 1 is lanched

  • USSR lanches luna 1

    first man made object to orbit the sun
  • pioneer 4 is lanched trying to reach the moon

    it came withen 37000 miles of the moon
  • luna 2 is lanched

    it hits the moon!
  • luna 3 is lanched

    takes pictures of 70% of the moon
  • tiros 1 is lanched by U.S

  • U.S lanches discoverey XIV

  • Yuri gagaran is the first man in space

  • Alan.B shepard is first American in space

  • NASA announces the Gemini program

  • USSR lanches first woman in space

  • USSR makes first space walk

  • Luna 9 is the first space craft to soft land on the moon

  • astranauts are killed by fire in lanch pad teast

  • U.S makes the first man to walk on the moon

  • U.S and USSR work togeather to put russan on moon

  • Period: to

    space race