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  • Germany History

    Germany History
    Adolf Hitler, head of the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party, leads a party in a Munich beer hall.
  • Germany fun Fact

    Germany fun Fact
    Hitler writes Mein Kampf - "My Struggle" - in prison.
  • Germany Economy

    Germany Economy
    Hitler becomes chancellor. Weimar Republic gives way to a one-party state. Persecution of Germany's innocent Jews .
  • Germany History

    Germany History
    Germany begins to re-arm. Nuremberg Laws deprive German Jews of citizenship.
  • Germany history

    Germany history
    Adolf Hitler commited suicide at the age of 56 in his bunker under Berlin. His new wife then took a suicide pill there bodies were taken to ground level. Officers then burnt both of there bodies in a fire.
  • Slovakia and Czech Republic seperate

    Slovakia and Czech Republic seperate
    Czechoslovakia splits up splitting (they called it the Velvet Divorce) up the czechs and the Slovaks to there own country.
    Slovakia-Capital Bratislava President Vladimir Meciar
    Czech Republic-Capital Prague Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus. These two countries have been seperated for twenty years since the Velvet Divorce
  • Czech Republic Economy

    Czech Republic Economy
    Vaclav Klaus reapointed as the Prime Minister for Czech Republic
  • Slovakia Economy

    Slovakia Economy
    President Kovac ends term and the government fails to agree on a person who should follow him.
  • Czech Republic Economy

    Following general elections, Milos Zeman, leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSDP), becomes prime minister. Negotiations with the CDP lead to the "opposition agreement" which ensures a full term for the Zeman government.
  • Slovakia Economy

    Slovakia Economy
    Relations with Iran and Iraq come under strain when Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty starts new broadcasts to both countries from Prague.
  • Slovakia Government

    Slovakia Government
    Government ends nearly a year of constitutional crisis by passing a new law allowing for president to be directly elected by the people. Causing them to be Democratic
  • Czech republic Economy

    Czech republic Economy
    Czech government bows to international and national pressure and orders the demolition of a controversial wall in the northern town of Usti nad Labem built to segregate the homes of Gypsies from those of other residents.
  • Period: to

    Change of president to democaracy

    Meciar loses premiership following elections. Mikulas Dzurinda as head head, pledges to strengthen democracy and put Slovakia back on the road to European integration.