Significant Computer Inventions in the 2010's

Timeline created by aaronbluth
  • Apple Retina Display

    Apple Retina Display
    The Apple Retina Display was invented in 2010 and introduced to Apple products in 2012. It has a screen resolution of 400 PPI, and almost reaches the PPI that the human eyes can see.
  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad
    Steve Jobs introduces the Apple iPad. It is one of the first tablets to be released that could do multiple things that smart phones and computers could do.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat

    Nest Learning Thermostat
    The Nest Learning Thermostat was released in 2011. It was one of the first everyday devices that connected to the internet. This allowed you to connect your smartphone to it and control the temperature from your phone. It also was able to recognize patterns and would automatically change the temperature based on what you have set it at in the past.
  • Xbox One and PlayStation 4

    Xbox One and PlayStation 4
    Microsoft releases the Xbox One and Sony releases the PlayStation 4 in 2013.Video games were now on Blu-ray discs, or could be downloaded directly to the console. They allowed way more bigger games, speeds, and resolution, which was a big step for the video game world.
  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch
    The Apple Watch was released in 2015. It was one of the first major smart watches, It was a watch that allowed you to connect to your smart phone. This allowed for quicker access to certain apps such as messages, music, pictures, etc. It also contained sensors for health monitoring.