Shawn Fanning's History

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  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Shawn Fanning was born in Brockton, Massachusetts
  • Developed Napster

    Developed Napster
    Napster was one of the first popular peer-to-peer ("P2P") file sharing platforms.
  • MTV Video Music Awards Host

    MTV Video Music Awards Host
    Shawn Fanning was the host of the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Napster Shutdown

    Napster Shutdown
    Napster was shut down due to illegal sharing of copyrighted material.
  • MIT Top 100 Innovators

    MIT Top 100 Innovators
    Shawn Fanning was named by the MIT Technology Review TR100 as one of the top 100 innovators in the world that was under the age of 35.
  • Created Snocap

    Created Snocap
    Created Snocap with Jordan Medelson and Ron Conway. Snocap was designed to be a legitimate marketplace for digital media.
  • Created Rupture

    Created Rupture
    Shawn Fanning created Rupture which was a social networking tool designed to publish gamers' individual profiles to a communal space.
  • Created

    He created a site called which is a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging web site.