Shaping my Culture

Timeline created by mcresson
  • Born with Brothers

    Born with Brothers
    I am the third child born into a family with two older brothers, who you see in the photo. Growing up, they were inseparable; then there was me. While I always knew they loved me on some deep level beyond the teasing, shunning, and ignoring, they did not outwardly show affection until recent years. The lack of inclusion forced me to find solace and acceptance elsewhere: in literature. I became an avid reader very early which has shaped my ability to empathize and my career in teaching English.
  • Family Home

    Family Home
    My family moved into our childhood home this year, and my parents still live in the same house. However, my husband's family moved at least four times. Due to our single location, I always viewed the physical house as part of "home"; however, my husband's family sees houses as investments. The attached picture is our current home, our third in almost five years of marriage. Working in real estate, my husband looks ahead to "bigger and better" while I find meaning in a lasting home.
  • Working *with Children*

    Working *with Children*
    My mom always tells me the story of missing a phone call meant to praise my brother's character because she was distracted at work; she shares additional regrets in putting work over family. This shaped my career choice as well as regular decisions regarding my family. I want to be physically, mentally, and emotionally present as much as I can. When I do work, I try to include my family, as shown in the image of my family attending a parade I helped organize for homecoming.
  • Furry Friends

    Furry Friends
    When I was in the fourth grade, my family took in a litter of kittens without a mother. We regularly bottle-fed them until they were ready to be adopted; however, they ended up staying with us. I grew up in the house that notoriously had many animals, and this fostered a sense of compassion in my outlook. This image shows me bonding with a horse I encountered on a hike in Ireland; the universal ability of animals to love and understand is one I apply to human as well as furry friends.
  • Church Community

    Church Community
    My family mostly attended churches with an older population; this tendency resulted in me having a skewed conception of church community. Faith was always private because it had to be; I did not have people my age with whom I could discuss ideas, joys, and hardships. Like this picture of a church in New York, church community meant people who shared faith SEPARATELY. This distance affected how I viewed community and the depth of relationships therein.
  • Active Lifestyle

    Active Lifestyle
    Both of my brothers participated in sports throughout their adolescence; in addition, my mother was a fitness instructor, and my father went to the gym six days a week. From my family's activity, I knew the importance of an active lifestyle in maintaining physical and mental health, yet I did not find my niche until high school. Fitness is not a matter of ability, but one that requires people finding something they enjoy. As shown, I find fulfillment, release, and accomplishment in running.
  • "Side-eye Syndrome"

    "Side-eye Syndrome"
    In taking AP English classes and teaching these same courses now, I constantly encounter the importance of judging material for credibility, bias, and reliability. I call obsessive need to scrutinize all information my "side-eye syndrome." I even apply it to movies and music by analyzing smaller choices and judging larger meaning.
  • International Travel

    International Travel
    In May of 2013, I went on my first international trip to Ireland where I I hiked, climbed, caved, and surfed my way through new depths of my self. Because my family almost solely went to our New Mexico cabin for vacation, I did not value the importance of a trip that pushes personal and global understanding. After this trip, I caught the travel bug, and my husband and I try to travel once a year. The attached image is from our last trip when we travelled to Scotland in March.
  • College Experience

    College Experience
    I initially attended Baylor with my husband who is a born-bear and passes this quality to our daughter. After deciding to pursue education as a career, I transferred colleges twice. Lack of appreciation for routes other than the traditional four-year university drove the uncertainty I faced during this time and pushes me to better guide and prepare students for their own journeys. There is not one path to education; this aspect of high school counseling is one that I am most interested in.
  • Workplace Presence

    Workplace Presence
    My appearance, age, and personality coalesce in creating my workplace presence. I am no longer the rookie teacher, and as I enter my sixth year of teaching with aspirations to become a counselor, I find myself accepting more leadership positions and working with veteran teachers, as shown. Being short, young, and bubbly, I have to at times compensate for my seemingly meek appearance and don a more serious demeanor to reinforce my potential.