Timeline created by rmallow
  • Howard uses his Buicks to help others with the earthquake

  • Red Pollard is born

  • Seabiscuit is born

  • Tom Smith meets Charles Howard

    (Date is not exact, there is no exact date of when they met, it was sometime in fall of 1934)
  • Seabiscuit loses his 17th race

  • Wins at Saratoga

  • Wins Governor’s Handicap

  • Wins Scarsdale Handicap, Barely

  • Wins Ray Bridge Handicap

  • Seabiscuit loses to Rosemont @ Santa Anita

  • Wins San Juan Capistrano Handicap

  • Pollard is suspended

  • Pollard rides Fair Knightess and suffers a terrible Injury

  • Seabiscuit beats War Admiral

  • Seabiscuit retires

  • Seabiscuit dies