Personal Identity Timeline

Timeline created by sethiede
  • Birth

    I was born at Delnor Hospital in Geneva, IL on my due date. I had a bad heart rate and had high blood pressure, but I made it out alive.
  • Parent's divorced

    Parent's divorced
    After only 2 years of being alive, my parents divorced. After this, I haven't been able to see my dad as much as everyone else. I only get to see him every other week if possible. This has strained my relationship with my dad and has made me more closed with him. I wish I could visit him more and become closer.
  • Preschool

    I started preschool in 2008 and attended St Mary's school in West Chicago IL. While I don't remember St Mary's all that much, it still is where I learned to read and write and I could never thank them enough for that.
  • School Transfer 1

    School Transfer 1
    When St Mary's closed, I had to switch to St John The Baptist school in West Chicago IL. Most of my friends from St Mary's also transferred here so the transition wasn't too bad. I also got to go to school with my younger cousin so it was fun while it lasted.
  • Mom Remarries

    Mom Remarries
    After a few years, my mom got remarried. I obtained 2 new stepbrothers, Sal and Charlie. We were a bit older and didn't know each other well, but I'm glad to call them my brothers today.
  • Moved In With Step Grandparents

    Moved In With Step Grandparents
    After my mom remarried, we moved into a small room in my step grandparent's house. We only had two bedrooms, that were connected, for 6 people.
  • School Transfer 2

    School Transfer 2
    Since my stepdad works in Chicago I had to move schools. I was more nervous this time around because I never moved schools this drastically before.
  • Got Bullied- Became Shy

    Got Bullied- Became Shy
    When I changed schools so I can live in Chicago, I got bullied in this new school after a year. I was bullied for my interests and I became shyer and because of it.
  • Moved Into Small Apartment

    Moved Into Small Apartment
    After a few years of living with my step-grandparents, we finally moved into our own apartment. It was small, only 3 rooms for (now) 7 people, but it was our home.
  • School Transfer 3

    School Transfer 3
    The constant bullying drove me to transfer schools once more.
  • Got Bullied- Became Self-conscious

    Got Bullied- Became Self-conscious
    After fleeing the other school for bullying, I got bullied again at this new school. This time, it was my appearance that got made fun of. After this, I've been self-conscious and I care a lot about how I present myself.
  • School Transfer 4

    School Transfer 4
    Private schools were too expensive for my mother and stepdad so I finally ended up at Hitch elementary school. This is the school that will change everything for me. After years of bullying and loneliness, I could finally fit in.
  • Made Friends for the first time in a while

    Made Friends for the first time in a while
    Years of bullying made me wonder if I ever had friends, then I transferred to Hitch. It wasn't long before I met my best friend, still to this day, Sarah. Even though we have basically the same name, she's been there for me for years now. I will never regret transferring schools and meeting her. I also met a few more friends at Hitch too. I felt whole being around all of them.
  • Graduated Jr High

    Graduated Jr High
    After only 2 years at Hitch, I got to graduate with my amazing friends and classmates. I finally felt like I have achieved something and it felt great.
  • Became A Taft Student

    Became A Taft Student
    After graduating Jr high, I became a Taft student. I was nervous to the core, but I had my friend Sarah by my side so everything would be ok.
  • Joined Korean Club

    Joined Korean Club
    The first club I ever joined was Korean Club. I didn't even think to join this club when Sarah first told me about it. I didn't understand why she would want to join if she didn't know Korean but she was set on joining. Since she was joining I figured that I could give it a try, especially since I was taking Korean 1 this year. I never thought I could love being in a club more. I became more social with people I never thought I would talk to and I became closer to my club mates..
  • Got a Cat (and another)

    Got a Cat (and another)
    After years and years of begging, my mom finally got me a cat, Sprinkles. Shortly after that, my stepdad also got a cat but was unsure of his ability to care for it. He left the cat with me and never took him back, I called him Felix. While Felix and Sprinkles didn't like each other at first, they later got along. I believe this event made me a more caring person because I had to be responsible for these new family members.
  • Pandemic Started

    Pandemic Started
    Just when I thought I could have a normal high school life, the pandemic hits. I was supposed to have a great Sophmore and Jr years just like any other highschooler should but then just like that, schools and almost everything was closed. The pandemic has made me less of the worker I used to be. I wish we were still in school so I could experience my Jr year and all the fun it has to offer.
  • Sprinkles Had Kittens

    Sprinkles Had Kittens
    Around October we got Felix neutered, & apparently, we were too late. Sprinkles gave birth to 7 kittens! We were all surprised. They were either orange or white or black. I loved all the kittens and I was very overprotective of all of them. I wish I could see all of them little like that again. I believe this event made me more appreciative of the things I have because I didn't get much time with the kittens before they had to be adopted.
  • Got My First Skateboard

    Got My First Skateboard
    Due to the boredom of the Pandemic, I decided to pick up skateboarding as a hobby. If I skate, I can at least exercise and learn a new skill. I practised for weeks and fell, literally, in love with skating. I'm still no Tony Hawk, but I can see my improvement and it feels amazing. I could say that I've become more of a risk-taker for trying to teach myself how to skate. I've fallen and bruised myself up more than once, but I still get up and keep going. I'm glad that I picked up this hobby.