Saddam Hussein - Iraq/Iran/United States - Violation of Human Rights

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  • Presidential Power Grab

    Video of Saddam AtFrist Meeting Upon taking OverSaddam takes over as president of Iraq after pushing his cousin, President al-Bakir, out of office.
  • Iran/Iraq War begins

    Iran/Iraq War begins
    The beginning of a brutal 8-year war between Iraq and Iran started when Iraq invaded western Iran. It was fueled by their religious differences and a long-standing territorial disagreement over control of the Shatt-al-Arab waterway. The war cost the lives of an estimated 1.5 million people
  • Period: to

    Recent Iraq History

  • Retaliation in Dujail

    Retaliation in Dujail
    After surviving an assassination attempt in Dujail, Suddam Hussein attacked the town. He arrested approximately 1500 residents and executed 143 people, some of them children in retaliation for the assassination attempt.
  • Chemical weapons used against Kurdish town of Halabja

    Chemical weapons used against Kurdish town of Halabja
    Launched a chemical-weapon attack against Kurdish town in of Halabja in Iraqi, Kurdistan, killing an estimated 5,000 civilians. The poison gas attack was also known as Halabja massacre or Bloody Friday. It was a genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people during the final days of the Iran–Iraq War. The attack killed between 3,200 and 5,000 people, and injured around 7,000 to 10,000.
  • Ending of the Iran/Iraq

    Iran and Iraq agree to a cease-fire
  • Iraq Troops Invade Kuwait

    Iraq troops invade Kuwait a year after the war with Iran. Hussein demands that Kuwait forgive the debts incurred by Iraq during the Iran war. Kuwait is rich in oil.
  • U.N. Deadline for Iraqi Withdrawal from Kuwait

    The United Nations stated January 15, 1991 as the deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. The deadline passed without Iraq taking action
  • Beginning of the Gulf War

    Beginning of the Gulf War
    Under the code name "Desert Storm", the U.S. and allied forces bomb Iraq and Iraqi troops in Kuwait.
  • Gulf War Ends

    Gulf War Ends
    A ground assault began on February 24th. Iraqi troops are pushed out of Kuwait after only 100 hours of fighting. Coalition troops advanced into Iraq, but decided not to take over Baghdad.
  • UN Special Commission gives Deadline for List of Weapons

    Iraqi deception over weapons of mass destruction begins. Iraqi nuclear scientiest are ordered to hide nuclear weapons from inspectors.
  • Saddam Hussein Wins Presidential Referendum

    Saddam Hussein was elected president with more than 99% of the countries vote.
  • Ordered the Killing of Two Son-in-Laws

    In August of 1995, two of Saddam's son-in-laws defected to Jordan and reported their involvement in hiding weapons of mass destruction. In February 1996, they were guaranteed safety to return to Iraq. When they returned to Baghdad, they were separated from their wives and murdered by a mob.
  • Saddam Wins Another Referendum with 100% of vote.

    Saddam wins another 7 years as president of Iraq. Official results show Saddam wins 100% of votes in referendum for a new term
  • U.S. invasion

    The U.S invaded Iraq in 2003. It was the beginning of a war
  • Saddam Hussein Captured

    Saddam Hussein Captured
    Suddam Hussein CapturedAmerican troops captured Saddam Hussein in the town of Adwar, hiding in a specially made "spider hole."
  • Hussein's Death

    Hussein's Death
    After being found quilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, Saddam Huessein was hung on December 30, 2006