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  • The birth of a hero!

    The birth of a hero!
    Rudolph William Giulian, the child of Harold and Helen Giuliani was born on May 28th 1944. Rudy was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was an only child and his mother and father loved him very much. His father wanted to be a good role model.
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    The life of Rudolph Giulani

  • On the move!

    On the move!
    Harold, Helen and Rudy Giuliani moved to Long island, sometime in 1951. Rudy was 7 years old at the time. The reason they moved is so that Rudy could go to a better school to get a good education.
  • Getting an education

    Getting an education
    Sometime in 1961 Rudolph Giulani started on the road to college. He went to Riverdale College. He went there to study law so he could become a lawyer someday. After he went to college and moved back to New York. (his home town).
  • Becomes a lawyer

    Becomes a lawyer
    Sometiem in 1965 Rudolph Giuliani became a lawyer. He became a lawyer right out of collge. Rudy was only a lawyer for 1 year though. He was more intrested in polotics and being president than he was in being a lawyer
  • Starts a family

    Starts a family
    Rudolph Giulaini married Regina Peruggi got married in a catholic church in New York, October 1st 1968. Regina was Rudy's second cousin and they grew up hanging out together. This was his first but not his last marrige
  • Tragic within his family

    Tragic within his family
    Harold Giuliani, Rudys father died of prostate cancer someitme in april 1982. He was very sick. He died in a hospital in New York with Rudy by his side.
  • Married again!

    Married again!
    Rudy got devorced to Regina in 1982, then 2 years later sometime in 1984, he got remarried to Dona Hanover., after they met and fell in love. The got married in New York.
  • 1st bundle of joy

    1st bundle of joy
    On this magic day Andrew Giulian was born. Son of Rudy and Dona Giuliani. He is the first on 2 children and the only boy. Rudy and Dona really wanted kids so they decided to have little Andrew.
  • Last but not least

    Last but not least
    On this day Caronline Giulain was born. In Brookyln New York. She is their second child and last child. She is the youngest of their 2 children. They decided after having one child they wanted another and then came Caroline!
  • Tries at being mayor..

    The actual date is unkown but it was sometime in 1989, Rudolph Giuliani ran to be New York's Mayor, but sadly he lost against his oponent.
  • Becomes the 107th Mayor of New York!!

    January 1st, was the best day of Rudys career. He became the 107th Mayor of New York. He tried at becoming Mayor 5 years before. But sadly he last to his oppenent. But he tried again and won!
  • Bad News

    Bad News
    Sometime in 2001, Rudolph Giulain figured out that he was diagnoessed wtih Prostate cancer. The weird thing was that it was the same type of cancer that killed his father Harold. Finnaly after 5 years of treatment he beat the Prostate cancer.
  • Knighted by royalty

    The exact date is unkown but sometime in 2002 Rudolph Giuliani was Knighted byt the Queen of England. He got knighted because of his heroic action during 9/11.
  • 3rd and final marraige

    The actual date is unknow, but sometime in 2003. Rudolph Giuliani got married again to JUdith Nathan. This is Rudys 3rd and final marrige. The got married in New York. They met and instantly fell in love and decided to get married
  • Present day

    Today Rudolph William Giuliani is now 68 years old. He still lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a hero still to this day for his actions on the horific day september 11th, 2001.