Rise of Dictators

Timeline created by Hiztory
  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Stalin is the General Secretary of the Communist Party

    Russia is starting to become a Soviet Union and Stalin is put in charge of the Communist party. http://www.softschools.com/timelines/joseph_stalin_timeline/126/
  • Mussolini became Prime Minister

    Mussolini, with his fascist party militias, started a March on Rome on October 24, also demanding the king to give them the government.
  • Lenin dies and Stalin takes power

    Lenin dies in 1924 of a interacebral hemorrhage at the age of 53, then stalin takes over.
  • Stalin Expelled Leon Trotsky in 1927

    Leon Trotsky was the leader of the red army and stalin’s political rival. When Stalin came into power he expelled Trotsky soon after, to secure his position
  • Five year plans

    late 1920s stalin wanted to shift the peasant farming communities into an industrialized community that he ruled over. The government took over small farms and forced anyone who disagreed into exile
  • Great Purge

    happened in the late 1930s and was a campaign created to get rid of communists and threats to himself
  • Tōjō assumes command of the Kwantung Army

    When Tōjō was placed in command of the Kwantung Army, he excelled in exacerbating tensions between China and his native Japan by commanding his army against the interests of China. This also shaped his strategy towards China when he would eventually become Prime Minister of Japan.
    Source: https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/tojo-hideki
  • Germany Invades Poland (Official Start of WWII)

    Germany invaded nearby Poland, giving an official start to WWII
  • Tōjō becomes Minister of War

    Tōjō assumes the position of Minister of War, finally giving him command of the Japanese army. Along with the military power, he was placed inside the Prime Minister’s cabinet and led to him gaining power in the form of office of the Prime Minister of Japan.
    Source: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Tojo-Hideki
  • Tōjō becomes Prime Minister

    Tojo became the 27th Prime Minister of Japan, effectively making him the most powerful man in Japan. His new status gave him almost unchecked power of Japan’s military, where he was notorious for his attention to detail and a ruthless disciplinarian.
    Source: https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/tojo-hideki