Revolutionary war 2.0

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  • Lexington

    The battle of lexington only lasted 15 minutes. Also the lexington battle was the first battle of the Revolutionary war
  • Concord

    Well the minutes men fired on the british men and they started dying by the dozen. The remaining british soldiers went back to boston
  • Bunker Hills

    Bunker Hills
    Thomas gage sent 2,400 soldier up the hill and the colonist held there fire till the last minute.When the smoke clear from the shooting of the 2,400 british soldier the colonist lost 450 men
  • New York

    New York
    They included thousands of German mercenaries , or hired soldiers , known as hessian because many of them came from the German region
  • Trenton

    Washington took 2,400 men to the battle of Trenton and defeated a garrison of hessian in a surprise attack. In September of 1777 they captured the american capital of Philadelphia
  • Saratoga

    When Saratoga surrendered it was the most important event of the war
  • Philadelphia

    Following the capture of Philadelphia, Washington engaged in several skirmishes with the British army. The Continental Army unsuccessfully attacked the British garrison at Germantown
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    General George Washington and his weary troops arrived at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania six days before Christmas in 1777. The men were hungry and tired after a string of losing battles that had resulted in the British capture of the patriot capital, Philadelphia, earlier in the fall.
  • Marquis de lafayette

    Marquis de lafayette
    On September 28, 1781, General George Washington, commanding a force of 17,000 French and Continental troops, begins the siege known as the Battle of Yorktown against British General Lord Charles Cornwallis and a contingent of 9,000 British troops at Yorktown, Virginia, in the most important battle of the Revolutionary War.