Ralph lane colony

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In History
  • 1497

    John cabot

    It all started with him
  • Then there was Sir Walter Raleigh

    He was given permission to claim land and set up colonies in north america
  • Manteo and Wanchese

    After 2 days they encountered them. They became freinds. After 6 weeks they carried them back to England
  • Raleigh wants to colonize

    Expedition returns to England with good news and report of the newe area is now called virgina.
  • Problems

    They did not bring enough food to last the winter. They sent six ships to England and bring back food and supplies with them. While they were there they had good relationship with Manteo tribe. Also secretly raids rival tribes villages and killed their chief, Wingina.
  • The Ralp Lane colony

    7 ships of only men including Manteo and Wanchese set sail for Roanoke. Ralph Lane is the commander of the colony. The men's families would arrive 10 months later. Thery arrived on June 26
  • Period:


    A few days after Drake left, the ships from England returned to Roanoke.The captain of the ship agrees to leave his men behind to hold the region for England when they find one there.