Radio History

Timeline created by Camry Smith
  • 1,893 BCE

    Nikolai Tesla

    Nikolai Tesla
    Starting the development of the radio , he started a uproar of curiosity for further scientist. In 1893 Nikolai demonstrated of wireless communication in Saint Louis , Missouri.
  • Guglielmo Marconi

    Guglielmo Marconi
    Being the first to demonstrate a successful connection with the radio.Being in 1901,he broadcasted the first transatlantic radio signal furthering his expertises. With his company invention he saved many from the isolation of sea travel, also saving lives such as the tragedy the "Titantic".
  • Radio Gets Its Voice

    Radio Gets Its Voice
    Many tuned in to the radio ecstatic to listen to incoming messages after hearing the words "CQ, CQ".Instead of hearing the typical dohs and dahs they were ready for change.Professor Reginald Audrey Fessenden from Brant Rock, Massachusetts that helped create this change.
  • First Song

    First Song
    Reginald Fessenden played O Holy Night on the violin for his radio broadcast.Even though many people may no have heard it was the first song to be played. After his courageous act to do radio many other people went after their dream too.
  • Radio Act

    Radio Act
    Being that it was a federal law for safety measures and responsibility .This act was for every broadcaster or someone that that wanted to be a broadcaster had to have this.And this license gave you the push to go forward with your radio station.
  • First Radio Program

    First Radio Program
    Created by station 8MK in Detroit Michigan became the first news program.Today the station is still progressing for better under the works of CBS networks.
  • KDKA Opening

    KDKA Opening
    Being the first scheduled commercial programing radio it transmitted 100 watts from a wooden shack. With the opening of this it created more pathways for everyone who wanted to do radio.
  • Advertisement

    In 1922 WEAF radio station aired the first advertisement commercial. For 10 minutes it cost you $50 only to increase over the years. As time progressed more and mrs people wanted to do advertisements on the radio.
  • New and approved Radio Act

    New and approved Radio Act
    The Federal Radio Commission was created for the safety and pleasure for people worldwide.In 1934, it was renamed to The Federal Communication Commission in which it is still in operation today.
  • Newspaper Reaction

    Newspaper Reaction
    Since radio was on the up and coming people were getting their news from there instead of in newspaper.The newspaper industry beam frustrated , because their expected income was not coming in .With this many people became involved taking each side making to blow out of proportion.
  • Television Takeover

    Television Takeover
    As radio was becoming its highest mark,a new source came around called the television.The television began to replace the use of the audio only radio creating a decrease in income.
  • Elvis Presely

    Elvis Presely
    Known as one of the many people that has changed music radio.July 8, he made his debut on the radio with no high expectation.Wanting people to hear his music from the heart.
  • First Musical boom box

    First Musical boom box
    With the evolution of music when the boom box came around it put the radio in a different perspective.From just hearing songs on the radio to being able to hear your choice of CD's .The boom box brought in a new genre of music such as when you break dance.
  • Todays Military

    Today radios are used for the protection and communication of fallen or wounded soldiers.Soldiers can communicate to their officers or leutinent.The radio has changed the military forever and even the nation .

    Today radio has improved very much so that there is radio stations everywhere.The music and news has welcomed in the weather forecast also improving this ancient matter.Hoping to improve even more people reach to highest point of rating and enjoyment.