radio history

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  • first signal

    Guglielmo Marconi sent and recieved the first radio signal
  • audion tube

    lee de forest created an audion tube (aka amplifier)
  • its raining

    us weather bureau tries radio to warn about weather changes (storn is coming, etc)
  • north pole

    robert e peary, arctic explorer, called in saying "i found the pole"
  • fm radio

    edward howard armstrong invented requncy modulated in 1933
  • transistor

    bell labs scientists created a transistor
  • transistor radio

    the transistor radio was created by a company known as sony (they were a rather small company back then)
  • the antenna

    the first master fm antenna system was uaed by putting it on the empire state building
  • fcc relocation

    chanels 70-83 were relocated by the FCC for mobile radio services
  • the beginning of the cell phone

    the fcc allowed the spread spectrum, causing the advancment towards monern commercial cellular
  • digital mobile services

    spectrum of 2GHz was reallocated by the fcc for emerging digital mobile services
  • qualcomm

    qualcomm commerically launched the first cellular system using digital CDMA technology