Professional Development Plan

Timeline created by savanna235
  • Take Accuplacer

    I will complete the Accuplacer before the end of Spring 2018. I need to take my Math and Writing Accuplacer, as I have already completed my Reading. While my Verbal SAT scores were high enough, my Math score didn’t meet the requirements, which means my Composite score wasn’t high enough either. I need to receive at least a 65 in Math, and an 82/6 in Writing. I know I will be able to reach those scores because I’ve studied as much as I can, and completed several practice tests.
  • Complete Application for Admission to TEP

    I only have a couple of items left to complete before I finish my application. I need to complete. I need to finish my Accuplacer, which will be completed during Fall 2018. I still need to complete the Undergraduate Initial Certification Application, and when that completed I will be able to complete the pre-admission interview with my faculty advisor. Then I just need to sign an application for the TWU COPE Educator Preparation Program, and I need to sign the Commitment Contract.
  • Take Practice TExES Exams

    I need to compete my practice EC-6 Core Subject, and my EC-12 PPR in the Spring semester of 2019, and receive a score above a 75. Making sure I have taken this test before Spring of 2019 is over will insure I have enough time to study for my real tests. The practice test will help figure out which areas I need to study harder for.
  • Take TExES Exams

    I will complete my EC-6 Core Subject, EC-12 PPR, and my ESL Supplemental tests by December 1st, 2019, and score above a 75 on all of them. They need to be completed by that date in order for me to sign up for student teaching the following semester. I know I will need to study very seriously for these tests, and make sure I’m prepared for everything.
  • Student Teaching

    My goal is to begin my student teaching during Spring 2020. I started preparing for my student teaching at the beginning of the Spring 2018 semester. I have to make sure I have enough money saved up to hold me over until I complete the student teaching. I live in an apartment by myself so I need to make sure I have enough money to cover my rent, utilities, bills, gas, and food for a whole semester. Even though I’m worried about the money aspect of student teaching, I’m really excited for it.
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    Teacher Education Program