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  • presidents full name

    presidents full name
    the presidents full name is James Buchanan
  • he had 2 nicknames

    he had 2 nicknames
    James buchanan had 2 nicknames thay were old buck nad 10 cent jimmy
  • when he was boren

    when he was boren
    he was born on April 23 1792
  • his birthplace

    his birthplace
    his birthplace was at cove gap pa
  • time in office

    time in office
    He servrd 4 years in offece
  • fathers name

    fathers name
    His fathers name was the same as his James Buchanan
  • fathers birthdate and place

    fathers birthdate and place
    Born 1761 county donegal ireland
  • his mothers name

    his mothers name
    his moms name is Elizabeth speer buchana
  • fathers career and job

    fathers career and job
    He was a merchant and farmer was his job/career .
  • mother born and birthplace

    mother born and birthplace
    his mom was born 1767 but her birth place is not avalable.
  • :motheres career

    :motheres career
    his mother did not have a career she just staded at home
  • where did he go to elementary school

    where did he go to elementary school
    James Buchanan went to elementary school at Old Stone elementary school
  • where did he attend college

    where did he attend college
    Dickinson College is where james buchanan went to school.studied law. After being admitted to the bar in 1812, he opened a successful practice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He graduted in 1809
  • :when did james buchanan get married

    :when did james buchanan get married
    Well Buchanan is the only U.S. president who never married. In 1819. he was engaged to Ann Coleman however, the wedding was called off that same year.
  • child name

    child name
    Harriet Lane was his son and , he was adopted.
  • when james buchanan child was born and death year

    when james buchanan child was born and death year
    He was born on may 9, 1830 and he died on July 3, 1903
  • his vice president

    his vice president
    john C.Breckinridge was his vice president
  • what job did he have before president

    what job did he have before president
    James Buchanan was a lawyer whose gift for oratory led him to politics. He served in the Pennsylvania legislature
  • other govermental positions

    other govermental positions
    He served in the Pennsylvania legislature (1814–16), the U.S. House of Representatives (1821–31), and the U.S. Senate (1834–45). He also served in the presidential administrations of Andrew Jackson, James K.
  • serve in the millaterry

    serve in the millaterry
    James buchanan did serve in the military for enlisted in the military at the start of the War of 1812 and participated in the defense of Baltimore. held the lowest rank among our Veteran U.S. presidents. He was a private (E-1) in the Army, and the only president w
  • key event that happened

    key event that happened
    Republicans Gain Control of Congress. In congressional elections, the Republicans take control of both the House and Senate.ebates take place, in which Step
  • fun fact stage 1

    fun fact stage 1
  • supreme court

    supreme court
    He was once offered a seat on the Supreme Court. But he dint take it
  • fun fact #2

    fun fact #2
    He was often called a "doughface" which meant he was a northerner who favored southern opinions.
  • his sisters

    his sisters
    James Buchanan has 6 sisters
  • his death

    his death
    June 1, 1868 is when James Buchanan died
  • fun fact #3

    fun fact #3
    His boyhood home in Mercersburg, PA was later turned into a hotel called the James Buchanan Hotel.
  • his grampa

    his grampa
    James Buchanan's grandpa is john Buchanan
  • his brothers

    his brothers
    he has 4 brothers
  • his grandma

    his grandma
    James Buchanan's grandma is Jane Trundle Russell